What's in My Baby's Hospital Bag!

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If you saw yesterday's post you'll know that I just showed you guys what I packed in my hospital bag for labour & delivery...well here's what's in Emilia's bag! :)  Hers is much prettier and fun, plus I had a way better time packing it.  All of her stuff is just so cute!

I used my Pink Lining Yummy Mummy changing bag.  It fits just about everything, except for her receiving blanket (we're keeping that in the car with her carseat) and her bath towel (that's in my bag).  Here's my list of what I packed for Emilia!  (And once again, this is going by my hospital's guidelines...yours may differ depending on your country/region!  I also found this downloadable list from Irish website the MummyPages very helpful!)

The Basics

Baby blanket
3 plain white vests
3 sleeveless vests
About 4-5 babygros (onesies)
About 5 bibs
3 pairs newborn socks
White knitted cardigan, hat & mittens from her grandma
Pink polka dot onesie w/matching hat from Baby Be Mine Maternity
3 muslin cloths (burp cloths)

Going Home Outfit
(all from the Pumpkin Patch!)

2 pairs of fancy "underwear" (to cover her nappy)
Pink wool cardigan with bows
Pale pink leggings
Bambi long-sleeve tee
2 pairs socks to match


Cotton wool
Johnson's baby wipes
Johnson's Baby Top-to-Toe Bath
Johnson's Baby Oil
Oilatum Junior Cream
Nail scissors
Hairbrush & comb (just in case! ;)

And last but not least...about 30 newborn nappies!  Yes, they're all stuffed in this bag.  Ha ha ha!  I still can't believe you have to take so many...but anyway.  Also a lot of people have been asking me why I keep the labels on certain items.  I'm not sure why it's such a big topic of conversation in the comments of my videos/blog posts but the reason is very simple really -- it's so that I know what I have and haven't washed yet.  We have A LOT of laundry to get through and it's a lengthy process, this just helps to keep me organised.  Hope that clears it up! ;)      

I had so much fun packing Emilia's bag and hopefully you guys will find this post interesting or helpful if you're in a similar situation! :)  Now I just can't wait for her to get here!!

Stay Stylish!


  1. All her stuff looks adorable, she is going to be one stylist girl! It's so exciting having watched your pregnancy vlogs and read all blog posts throughout this whole process, and now when your so close to the end! (: xo

  2. Wow...that's a lot of stuff!

  3. Can't believe ur staying so long. My baby girl is 6 days csection n stayed 48 hours Ireland is harsh. But I might have enjoyed the help. She is a lucky n loved little girl. Good luck with everything x

  4. Lovely things! You may find johnson will cause allergy. Then it is good to hi for oilatum stuff for babies!

  5. Wow. How long will you be staying in the hospital. Here in the US it's 2 days for a vaginal delivery and 3 days for a c-section. Of course if there is complications it's longer but the baby normally stays in the hospital issued onsie. I'll be having my third in November. I never needed any of that stuff. They will bathe the baby once and then you can do it once you get home or a few days after. Too many baths so young will dry out their skin.

  6. I was so surprised to see how much stuff you need to pack! That's crazy! :)


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