Beauty Tuesday: What's In My Makeup Bag (Blogmas Day 2)

I've been asked so many times to share my updated makeup routine and while I definitely plan on doing so, whenever my babies allow it for now here's a quick alternative. These are all my favourite makeup products - my beauty essentials, the things I keep in my makeup bag and use daily. Some have changed over time and others remain the same as you'll see if you read my blog regularly! Also please feel free to ignore the horrific state of my makeup brushes - I think Sam & Nic would probably cry at the sight of them. They are in dire need of a wash. I'm not even going to tell you how long it's been, considering I used to do it every week before having's really an embarrassment!!

Moving swiftly are the contents of my makeup bag! (Which is by Ted Baker.)

To contour my face I use Benefit Hoola bronzer and NARS Orgasm Blush (a shimmery peachy pink).

On my eyes I'm currently using the Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Palette. I got this for my birthday 2 years ago and have only recently begun to use it...I love it! I mainly use the top three shades, middle row, and medium matte brown in the third row. 

On my eyebrows I use Benefit Browzings kit in Medium and then to line my top lid I use Yves Saint Laurent Shocking felt tip liner. To line my waterline I use MAC Smolder eye pencil and my new favourite mascara is Lancome Grandiose

This tiny little stump of a lipstick is all that's left of my Lancome Rouge #200B Rose Thé...and this is my third one in the last 6 months! I love the colour so much. The lipgloss I'm reaching for recently is Barry M Lip Gloss in Holly A's Surprise Surprise

Those are all the products I've been slapping on my face everyday for the last while...I hope that answers some of your questions! Feel free to ask me about anything I didn't cover in the comments below! 



  1. Cool new website :)
    Do you use the same color foundation/concealer in the winter and the summer? I find it hard to match my foundation to every season :)

  2. I've bought so many foundations I just end up mixing colours to make the perfect match !
    I wish you could buy smaller quantities of foundation so you would have a 6 month supply and could change it as the seasons change. For me it takes ages for me to use up a foundation which is good on one hand because you can pay alot for foundation but I'd love more availability of travel sized foundations.

  3. This makeup kit really look astounding with perfect colour combination..


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