Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Living in Munich!

As promised in my First Jobs video, here's a little walk down memory lane to when I was 20 years old & worked as an intern for Ralph Lauren in Munich, Germany! These pictures were all taken when Jonathan & I walked to the Olympia Park (we were renting in an apartment very close by). Above is a heavily edited picture of me that Jonathan made...I used it as my profile pic at the time! It is very photoshopped & makes me look like I have no pores ;)

This was my natural wavy hair - I never used to style it back then! 

Don't mind the very orange bronzer... :-/

Of course the pretzels were amazing! Munich is a gorgeous city...I only wish it had been a happier time for me. If you want to know more, watch my First Jobs video here:


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday {15.4.14}

Breakfast was organic porridge with 1/2 a banana, blueberries, cinnamon & a decaf Nespresso! I also have been continuing to drink Spatone (iron supplement) with my morning water as I feel I need the extra boost due to breastfeeding. I just take one sachet instead of the recommended two in pregnancy. This one is the apple flavour which is actually very nice! It tastes like apple juice and gets rid of the slight metal taste that the plain ones have.

Of course Emilia's friends had to join her for breakfast :) Two Minnies and a Mickey! As you probably have already deducted from this picture, she is obsessed with Minnie Mouse at the moment. 

Sorry to be a total bore with my lunches...but I do tend to eat the same thing when I'm at home! Today I had a plain ciabatta toastie with crumbed ham, mature cheddar cheese, San Marzano tomatoes & cucumber. I also had another pint of water. I have been drinking TONS of water now that I'm makes me so thirsty! In fact as soon as Eduardo latches on, it's as if I can feel the moisture being drained out of me! 

Emilia had a big ol' plate of leftover pasta! Ha ha ha...this portion is HUGE and she ate about 1/8 of it. We just had leftovers from 2 nights before and she loves penne so she had them for her lunch.

Afternoon Coffee
Weirdly enough ever since I stopped being pregnant I have had the strangest cravings for coffee...not so much the caffeine but the taste! I start to crave it especially in the afternoons. I am only drinking decaf Nespresso at the moment, and these cups are very small. I had this one when both babies were napping! 

Afternoon Snack
I am actually eating a bit more now compared to when I was pregnant, mostly because breastfeeding makes me super hungry and also because I don't get the dreaded heartburn anymore! (Yay!) When Emilia wakes up from her nap, we eat a snack together. She usually has raisins and I had the same (we get the SunMaid mini boxes) and a Pink Lady apple.

For dinner we had chicken korma (prepared by Jonathan of course!) with sweetcorn, basmati rice and Asian veggies. This was pretty delicious :)

As you guys know my sweet tooth never lets me skip dessert! My latest obsession has been these white chocolate carrot cake M&Ms that was sent to our PO Box. I don't think you can get them here in Ireland! :( I thank whoever sent them to me so much but I also curse you because now I'm hooked and my supply has been cut off, ha ha ha! I am a big white chocolate fan but these are just on a whole other level!! They are so good! I knew I only had one packet so I actually rationed it into four 2 1/2 oz servings and have been eating them every night for the last 3 nights! I'm so sad that they're gone :( Of course I had to pair them up with a decaf Nespresso. Coffee & chocolate = perfection!

That's what I ate today, I also drank about 2L+ of water. Let me know what you ate! You can watch my What I Ate Wednesday video here!