Throwback Thursday: Bandana Baby

30 January 2015

This is little Anna at about age 6 or 7! I can't believe I never noticed this before but it appears that my mum and I had the same idea with this "bandana" trend...evidently she liked to put them on me (worn as a scarf) and I now put them on Eduardo (worn as bibs though, ha ha!). I don't know why I find that so bizarre! To be totally honest I never even made the connection until now! I started out putting these bandana dribble bibs on Eduardo purely because he used to drool so much (and still does when he's teething!) so they were more functional than fashionable. But I do love them as a little accessory to his outfit...and as we can see here my mum obviously felt the same way! What do you think of the bandana scarf and/or bibs?!