What I Ate Wednesday {22.9.15}

23 September 2015

It's been a while since I properly blogged What I Ate Wednesday so here we are. Today was a pretty busy day as we headed into London for a meeting at Google HQ and a sneaky lunch date ;) Breakfast was same as normal - porridge cooked with almond milk, 1/2 banana, blueberries & cinnamon. Black coffee and a water! I keep telling myself I need to try warm water with lemon in the mornings but I always forget...maybe tomorrow!

We grabbed lunch at Zizzi's and I got the chicken & prosciutto salad. This is really yummy and very filling! It's got everything from cherry tomatoes, croutons, avocado, parmesan cheese and red onions in there. To drink I just had still water because I'm trying to drink 2L a day!

Coffee Break
After our meeting we went for a much-needed caffeine boost at Monmouth Coffee Company. This place is famous for its coffees and had been recommended to us so many times! I can attest to the fact that their coffee is amazing...and very strong!

Luckily there is SO much free food at Google so I knew I would be hungry later and I stocked up! They have tons of healthy snacks to offer, I opted for a nectarine (think I called this a peach in the video, sorry!) and this blueberry & seed shot. I ate these in the taxi on the way back to the train station!

Since we arrived home at about dinner time and were totally exhausted from being in London all day, we picked up some easy yet healthy (ish) microwaveable meals at M&S. Of course I got a seafood linguine dish, the kids got Ravioli to share and Jonathan had a chicken Thai green curry. This was obviously not a patch on the other seafood pasta dishes I'd been having in Sorrento but it hit the spot for this particular evening!

Evening Snack
After dinner I opted for a healthy snack of organic fat free strawberry yoghurt (Yeo Valley is the brand) with lots of red grapes mixed in. I also made a licorice & mint tea (Teapigs) and that was it! To drink all day I had about 2L water :) 

Hope you enjoyed this week's What I Ate! What did you eat today?