Pizza Party Every Night

29 November 2015

You can't see it in this picture but Emilia actually wore a teeny tiny cutesy little ponytail today! It looked so sweet on her especially with this grey & pink outfit...she looked like a little ballerina! And her hair has got quite long recently so there was a lot more to work with than I had expected! Both Emilia & Eduardo's outfits are from Zara Baby today. I think I have shown Eduardo's before but Emilia's is new. I bought a grey jumper with a silhouette of a girl in a pink tutu on it in an effort to get her to wear more items of clothing that aren't dresses...she still made a fuss when I dressed her this morning but I tried to explain that we do not own enough dresses to wear one everyday of the week (blatant lie by the way...thankfully she's not old enough to know any better YET!). I also got her these leggings in a light pink which are super thick & great quality. I'm not sure where her headband is from because it was a gift in our PO box but it matched perfectly. Eduardo's shirt is lined on the inside which makes it super cosy and his leggings were some of the Halloween inspired ones I picked up in October. 

Poor Emilia is suffering with conjunctivitis at the moment :( It's so frustrating because while she is at pre-school I feel like she is constantly picking up something, especially this time of year. I hate it! She's a real trooper though and thankfully it hardly ever manages to dampen her mood but it's still not very nice to see your child ill. I hope that by this time next year she will have strengthened her immune system & won't be as bad! 

We were really naughty and ordered Domino's pizza for dinner tonight! But missed out last night so I think we deserved it (even if we did have pizza twice already this week...*hangs head in shame*)! My huge weakness are their cookies...they are so yummy! I almost prefer this to the pizza, ha ha! The one I always order is the Tuna Delight on Italian base, and Jonathan and I normally go half & half. What is your favourite pizza OR side dish/dessert to order?!

Black Friday

28 November 2015

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures today as it was pretty hectic & I had lots to do but here was my outfit of the day! I'm wearing two new items that I recently hauled from ASOS. The cream polo neck (or "turtle neck" as it's called in America!) is by Ganni and I am absolutely in love with it. It's the perfect new addition to my winter wardrobe! So cosy & perfect for chilly days. Underneath I'm wearing army green combat skinnies by Diesel. Buying jeans or trousers online is always a bit of a gamble. I recently got some boyfriend jeans in my size that were way too big...whereas these ones fit like a glove BUT you wouldn't want to wear them whilst devouring a big meal if you know what I mean! I got them in a size 26 and I am normally in between a 25 and 26. So if you're in between two sizes I would definitely pick the bigger one. I did film a haul video on a lot of clothing that I recently purchased including these two items which will go live sometime next week! 

In the meantime, feel free to check out our brownies video that we filmed yesterday! These really are the world's best brownies...let me know if you bake them and I'm sure if you do you will agree! 

Also I know it's really late by the time this blog gets posted but I just wanted to mention that I did run a Black Friday special today with my jewellery where everyone who purchased a necklace on Black Friday will get a personalised signed thank you note from me. The only reason I didn't offer a discount code or anything like that is because we launched so recently that I didn't think it would be fair on all of my other customers to do that. I hope you guys know what I mean & will understand where I'm coming from! But I am looking forward to sending out your thank you cards! And thank you to ALL of you who have bought my necklace - no matter what day you did! You are all wonderful :) 

Brownies & Burpees

27 November 2015

This morning the children & I baked our favourite stove to oven brownies! These brownies are a huge hit in our household; in fact anyone who tastes these always asks me for the recipe and claims they are the best brownies they've ever had! I'm really proud to say that this recipe comes from a book that was written by an friend of my family's...we go way back to when I lived in Baltimore! Kerry Dunnington was our neighbour and a friend of my mum's but since we moved she has written several cook books. The first one, This Book Cooks contains this amazing brownie recipe as well as an upside down cake (the famous "Auflauf" you've probably heard of in the vlogs!) that was a recipe of my mum's! There is also a recipe in Kerry's second book Tasting the Seasons, called "Anna's Pasta" which is inspired by me! I'm so excited and honoured to be featured in a cook book...ha ha! I actually really recommend these recipe books - especially for someone like me who isn't a very confident cook. These are very easy to follow, simple yet delicious family friendly recipes. You can check out Kerry's books on Amazon here! And as you can tell, Emilia had a blast baking (and eating) these brownies! We will be following up with a recipe video tomorrow so stay tuned for that!

It feels kind of silly to go from the topic of baking brownies to fitness, ha ha! But in a way it's nice because after all I do believe in balance ;) So to justify all those brownies I worked out with Lucy again today! And hit a pretty important milestone that I'm quite proud of. I did 30 push-ups today!!! Not all in one go mind you, I did 3 sets of 10. And believe me they were KILLER. But I did it and I'm so happy! So many people ask me why I continue to work out when I "don't need to lose weight" or why do I bother if I want to get pregnant again...etc. etc. and to me the answer is obvious but I suppose to a lot of people it might not make sense. So I wanted to touch on that a little bit here & let you know my feelings on working out and how they've changed. 

Let me start by telling you that I was never a fitness or exercise person...I didn't like sports in school, I never liked working out and I suppose I've always been kind of lucky to be able to eat normally & be naturally pretty slim without having to exercise. I gained about 25lbs with both my pregnancies and lost it very quickly and easily through breastfeeding. Again, I did not properly exercise whilst pregnant. Then in March/April of this year I slowed down & eventually stopped breastfeeding and gained a little bit of was only about 1/2 a stone but my clothes felt tighter and annoyingly it wouldn't seem to shift no matter what I did. Which is what got me thinking "maybe I should give this exercise thing a try". 

What started as an effort to lose a little bit of weight has completely transformed into something so much bigger and better than that...this has totally changed my life! I'm now back to my pre-pregnancy weight and have been for a while, so yes - exercise has helped me with that but it has also given me SO much more confidence. I feel like it's made me happier, stronger as well as obviously fitter and leaner. It's become like a sort of therapy for me and as much as there are some days when I'm tired or don't feel like doing it, it's become a part of my daily routine so I feel like "off" if I don't work out. Like I said in a previous post, I work out with Lucy now about twice a week where we do about 30 minutes of HIIT. Then on the other 5 days I do a 4 minute cardio HIIT workout in the mornings and 15 minute one at night. When I work out now, it's not to lose anything it's to gain something...muscle tone, strength, confidence, happiness and energy. These are the reasons I do it now, and I only wish I would have started / known this stuff earlier! If you want to begin working out & exercising but are lacking motivation I hope this helps. Because honestly if I can do it anyone can! And remember you only need to do short workouts & small amounts of HIIT to see amazing results. No hour long cardio workouts...because let's be honest, ain't nobody got time for that! 

Road Trippin'

26 November 2015

Today took Jonathan & me on a road trip to Stamford where we were filming for a project we are taking part in with Sky. Here's what I wore on what turned out to be a pretty chilly day! (FYI I normally take these pictures without my coat to show you the outfit or because I'm just about to jump in a warm car...but I do definitely take one with me!) My jeans are from 7 for All Mankind, the boots are Toms, my scarf is from Paul Smith and I am wearing my first Christmas jumper of the season! (It's by Abercrombie). My bag is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull and was one of my birthday presents. 

We arrived home quite late but the kids stayed up so we could put them to bed as we hadn't seen them all day! I miss them so much when we're gone...I feel like I'm wasting my day if I'm not spending time with them! When we opened the door to be greeted by Eduardo shouting "hello Mummy!!" with spaghetti bolognese all over his face my heart melted into a puddle. I ordered a few things on John Lewis for the kids' bedrooms (mainly Emilia's) including a dresser to match her bedside table which hasn't arrived yet, a new quilt, cushion and matching lamps for each. Both of them were so happy with their mood lighting, ha ha! Or at least the switch made a fun toy for about 5 minutes before they got bored!

I also uploaded a new What I Ate Wednesday so if you'd like to see what I eat in a day, feel free to check it out!