Family Day in Brighton

25 April 2015

Yesterday started with Eduardo giving me a series of mini heart attacks with his newest party trick...climbing the bookshelf. The worst thing about it is the cheeky grin he gives me every time I catch him with a foot up on the bottom shelf. He makes it so difficult to be cross with him!!! 

Emilia spent the morning at nursery where she acquired this little toy in her hand. I was pretty horrified when I found it in her backpack but she showed no signs of remorse and instead seemed very proud of herself! A serious talk about not taking things that don't belong to us ensued but I'm still not sure she understood what I was saying! Having said that, I'm not exactly one to talk as I know my mum used to discover a whole collection of toys I would "borrow" from kindergarten. Emilia's whole outfit here is from H&M (except for her headband which was a PO box gift!). She looked so cute with her little backpack going off to "school"! 

Later that afternoon we headed to Brighton to see Zoe & Alfie! We had such a lovely time with them and Zoe & Emilia shared this sweet moment together which I'm so happy I captured! Emilia's hair has just barely become long enough to play with and Zoe was plaiting it for her. She was in heaven! I think I need to get her some tiny elastics but right now she is still pretty attached to her bows. She doesn't like to wear it any other way!

For dinner we had Wagamamas as Jonathan had been craving it since there isn't one in our town. I got the chicken ramen which is my favourite (aside from yaki soba - I always get either one of those two). For me the highlight of the day was Zoe's amazing milk & white chocolate chip cookies which she spontaneously whipped up later that evening...they are by far THE BEST cookies I've ever tasted! (They're actually Tanya's recipe - check them out here!) They are super dense and filling but realistically if I could I would eat a whole batch of them in one sitting! The shirt I'm wearing here is from MiH Jeans and my belt is from Zara. 

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. :) I'm still dreaming of those cookies.