Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome to my blog!  
A little about me...my name is Anna, I'm a 22 year old fashion stylist living in London, UK.  I'm half Italian, half Irish and grew up in a couple of different countries but went to school for the most part in Ireland.  I am currently living in South East London with my amazing boyfriend, Jonathan and our Maltese puppy, Albi

I work as a part time model and freelance personal stylist and I love to make women and girls feel good about themselves through the way they dress.  In January 2008 I started writing a book called The Style Diet, a positive body image book for teens.  I'm still writing.  In the meantime while researching online, I found the beauty community on YouTube but realised there weren't very many fashion videos on there.  So in February 2009 I started making videos giving fashion and style tips under the username "TheStyleDiet".  I now have over 10,000 wonderful subscribers (thank you if you are one of them!!)  and it has become somewhat of a part-time job.  But I mustn't forget my love for writing...which is where this blog comes into play.


Sidenote: The photo above was taken at a promotional photoshoot I did for TK Maxx.


  1. Nice photos! :)

  2. Pretty photo:)
    With love from New Zealand!



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