My Very First Outfit of the Day Post!

Many of you asked me if I would start doing "Outfit of the Day" posts on my here you go :)  As you can see I'm still working the red hair, ha ha!  Although, it's faded a lot since washing it.  It's actually three colours right now, red at the top, brown in the middle and blonde at the ends...a dark blonde which is my natural colour...weird huh?!  

These photos  were taken at the harbour, where Albi likes to chase seagulls and pigeons.  How gross are those fish heads?!?!  I had to snap a picture of them, they were so gruesome.  I'm weird.

I do not live in Santana Lodge by the way, the sign just stood out to me and I thought it was pretty!

Here's what I'm wearing today:

Jacket: H&M
Top: H&M
Skirt: Esprit
Tights: Oasis
Earrings: A gift from my Bulgarian friend, Polina ;) 
Bracelet: Stolen from my mother
Ring: Accessorize
Scarf: My mom gave it to me because it was more my style than hers

So...what do you guys think?  Do you like these kinds of posts?  Is this the kind of thing you'd like to see more of on my blog?  Let me know :) 

Stay Stylish!



  1. Great post! Lovely outfit... brown clothing with the red hair compliment each other nicely :)

  2. I love this outfit and especially the ring. Yes I love posts like this!

  3. Lovely outfit and these earrings suit you so well! :) I am so glad you liked them! :)))))

  4. You and Albi are like the best models ever :))) so cute together :) keep posting pictures of your outfits - great job as always...and the ring is sooo adorable :*

  5. Yes, definitely keep doing outfits of the day:)! And I think brown is gonna look great on you, go for it! ;) Maya

  6. I love outfits of the day posts! That skirt is so pretty & I love the accessories. xo

  7. I also love "Outfit of the day"-posts.
    Looking forward for more posts.

    Your style is gorgeous!
    I love the Acc.-Ring, the skirt, the earrings. Everything. :-)

  8. Hi. I also love the Outfit Of The Day post and I love that outfit on you.
    Thanks so much.

  9. Yes, Anna, please keep doing it!!! It would be a part of the most helpful info on your blog!
    And it would be great if you could also post an info about clothes.
    What I mean is if you have bought an item in this season, please let us all now. So may be we'll also have a chance to get one in our local store.
    So in future you'll have a chance to have thousands of clones all over the world :)))
    Love how you vlog and blog! Thank you Anna!

  10. Anna,I just checked in on you.I love the closet video and you outfit is beautiful.But i must tell you the hair color is washing you out.Its making you too drab.I have a daughter with your coloring.If you were feeling too pale with the blonde it was probably too cool for your skin tone.Maybe a more full bodied golden blonde.If you go with golden brown its ging to be too strong.With the blonde,your eyes look so deep and I see how beautiful your mouth is.With darker colored hair you lose your edge,the fine line between pretty and gorgeous.Watch out for people telling you you look good,secretly happy that you lost your edge.Also,the experimenting is doing damage.You'll find your hair frizzier and taking longer to dry. It's showing signs of this in the back.

  11. Anna! OMG, you look absolutely adorable! That colour is so great for your hair, or any other type of brown would look soo good on you!! And how you matched it with different shades of brown on clothes is amazing! You should definitely keep some kind of brunette for hair. And I also love idea of Outfit of the day, you should definitely keep doing it :-)

  12. Hi Anna!
    I think you definitely must do at least one post like this a day!You'll have great success with it.Do not listen the mean people who tell you you're not gorgeous with that color,they're mean or they prefer one color and think other color isn't looking good on you, you can try a ciocholate tent or brunette(is a bit dark) only take care of you're hair healthiness(i don't know if i write correct!).
    Lots of kisses, I love you and your posts.
    Bye-bye for know!

  13. Love your hair Anna!!! I've been watching your videos since the beginning and I have learned sooo much from you! You have such great style and you're always sincere. I love the "classic" look.

    Keep doing what you do and ignore the "haters". :)

  14. With your new hair color and that outfit, you seriously look like one of the models out of an Anthropologie catalog!


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