Calf Boots

I'm sorry I haven't done an outfit of the day post in a while, I was really busy the last few days and just didn't get any time to take pictures.  Today I filmed a video on college fashion and this was one of my outfits.  I used to wear this all the time when I was interning at Ralph Lauren...during the time when I was working in the Creative Department offices, so jeans were acceptable.  I love this scarf, it used to be my mama's and it is SO worn and torn (literally) but I think that adds something to it.  This is my favourite way to dress up a plain white shirt.

What I'm wearing:

Scarf from my mom
White shirt from Mexx
Jeans from Zara
Boots from Dune
Tank top from ASOS
Bracelet from my friend Gina
Earrings from Accessorize
My top tips for dressing for college are:

1. Lots of costume jewellery.  This can really change your outfits, and it's so cheap!
2. Wear different scarves.  I love square scarves in particular.
3. Flat boots.  These are gonna keep you comfy and warm around campus.
4. Leggings.  Again these are sooo cheap and look great worn with leg warmers, boots and long shirts!

What do you like to wear to college?

Stay Stylish!



  1. I love this. It's simple, comfy but still cute and girly.


  2. I love that scarf! Such a cute outfit - thanks Anna! xx

  3. Anna i love your blog and everything. You inspired me to do the 40 question tag :D Check it out when you have the time! :)

    Keep up the awesome work! :)

  4. you are so beautiful! i love your videos.. thanks for sharing!

  5. Love that scarf! Isn't it so much more special to wear things that belonged to a mom or that was a gift from?! :)

  6. I love this outfit, it looks great on you and its definitely something I'd wear to college!

  7. I am from the netherlands, so that blog post that was written about you I could easily translate for you. No problem at all! You can find me on youtube (claudiaax) or twitter xclaudia91x if you want me to translate it!

  8. I think I remember seeing a video where she mentioned having very close measurements around her hips and around her bust which would hint that she has an hour glass figure. I don't think she does have a apple shaped body because that often means broader shoulders and fuller tummy, not just bust size. Anna doesn't have any of these as her shape balances on top and bottom. But I think the person who would know the best would be her after all it is her body! I really liked the outfit with the grey/lilac shirt. Very pretty! x

  9. Woah calm down. Stop following her life and get your own! Who cares anyway, she makes videos that people enjoy watching. Move on...


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