Keeping Things Positive

Unfortunately, I have decided to distance myself from the Elite Model Look Ireland team.  There were a couple of reasons for my decision but basically I was quite appalled and shocked at some of the goings on within the competition...nothing personal, I just felt uncomfortable with a couple of things.  Going ahead with this project, I was not made aware of certain "procedures" that I would never have approved of had I known about them.  Example:  Weighing and measuring girls...certain comments about girls' weight, unprofessionalism...etc.  I don't agree with any of those things and would feel uncomfortable knowing I was part of something that I wasn't 100% okay with.  So for that reason, I regret to say that I'm no longer affiliated with Elite Model Look Ireland.  

On a positive note, please check out my blog post for more information on the Diva Charity Show which I am so happy to be a part of!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Good for you Anna. I agree with you on that 100%

  2. wow good for you Anna! I admire your beliefs on things like that, some people wouldn't be strong enough to do that!
    Shame it couldn't have worked out, but I agree with you completely!

    K xx

  3. Fair play for standing up for what you believe in. That is both admirable & inspiring. Best of luck with the fashion show!

  4. I just wanted to congratulate you on your upcoming charity event, how fun! :)

    Also, I wanted to tell you how wonderful and refreshing it is to hear that you took a stand for what you believe in and what you want to represent and promote and dismissed yourself from Elite team.

    It shows your true character and I think it is lovely that others have someone like you to look up good for you, Anna!!!

    Stay positive and know I'm sending smiles your way! What you do is wonderful and you are going to go so far!

    Liesl :)

  5. That must have been a truly tough decision!
    Many blessings for you and I pray that you're able to continue with that strength of character, Anna!

  6. a very good decision, it shows your strong character =)

  7. WOW...that just makes me love you even more. By going along with it, you could have gained a lot more benefit for yourself at the expense of your values, but you definitely made the right choice and will be much more successful for the right reasons as a result!!!

  8. You're so right, Anna. You've made a good decision!


Please be nice...the world could use some positivity! :)

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