Illustrate My Book Contest - The Winner!

Wow, I was so overwhelmed by how amazing all the illustrations I left it up to you guys to vote for your favourite.  This illustration got the most votes (77 in total) and with your help we've decided that it's the most suitable style for The Style Diet book.  Congratulations to the illustrator, Tarsila Kruse for doing such an excellent job and congratulations to all of you who entered.  You can also view all the entries here.  I will be in touch with the winning illustrator by email very soon and will let you guys know any further developments as well!  I hope to get the book published by the end of summer but keep your fingers crossed!

Stay Stylish!



  1. Hey Anna! I am so so so so so happy!
    I'm waiting for your contact!

    Take care


  2. Love the illustration...great choice!

    Liesl :)


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