My fiancé snapped this pic of me after gulping down a glass of Coke..mmm, sexy!

Our sunny holiday in Cork came to an end when we arrived back in Dublin.  We spent the last few days enjoying the rare hot/sunny weather here in Ireland and my mom has a beautiful back garden and patio which faces south so I could lay's one of my favourite things to do.  Jonathan on the other hand, built a pond.  Ha can check out that video he made of it here.  

I also went shopping with my mom last week and picked up some really cute tan city shorts from Marc O' Polo.  These babies were €99...pretty expensive I know but they're an investment buy.  They're so classic you could pair them with a lot of things and they'll never go out of style.  I also got the brown tank top I'm wearing from Part Two, along with another light-weight grey tank top that isn't pictured here.  

Outfit of the Day
City Shorts: Marc O' Polo
Tank Top: Part Two
Feather Necklace: ASOS
Peep-toe Sandals: H&M
Watch: Nina Ricci
Cuff: Vintage
Handbag: Chloe

My uncle told me I looked like I was going on safari today.  Let me know what you think of the look!

Stay Stylish!



  1. I love the look :D Ur hair looks great. How did u do it??

  2. Love the colours and your make up is so perfect. xxx

  3. I love this look. I have the same necklace from ASOS. I bought it because it was pretty and on sale, but my previous attempts to sport it failed. I finally got inspiration from you have to wear it and make it suit me. Thank you!

    Btw: you look radiant in those pictures. I will have to check that new skincare video you uploaded some time ago.


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