Turquoise Love

My Maltese puppy Albi had an appointment with his groomer today...hence the before and after shots above!  I love his groomer, she's so nice and she looks after little dogs so whenever we go to collect Albi he's playing with a group of new cute and fluffy friends! Today I met two Bichon Frises and two Yorkies.  I still don't understand why people want to have babies when puppies are so much cuter...LOL just playing, kinda!

I wore a really simple outfit today, just jeans, long-sleeve t-shirt and flats.  It's dull and rainy outside (I think the summer in Ireland is over!) so I didn't feel like dressing up. 

The picture of the windowsill is my view from my desk where I work.  I thought it looked pretty with all the cards!  Most of them are from my mom. 

My Outfit
Jeans: Miss Anna Jeans from Tzar in Covent Garden
Top: H&M
Turquoise Bracelet and Earrings: Gifts from family members
Handbag: Warehouse

A haul video will be uploaded later on today :)

Stay Stylish!



  1. oooouuu Albi looks stylish just like his mama!really he looks "too cool for school" with the fringe covering his one eye and all.x

  2. i love the way you do your makeup! its just really pretty and flattering on you :)

  3. I love your "simple" look. It is so my style!


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