Package from Charlotte!

A big kiss to my lovely friend Charlotte, who recently sent Jonathan and me an engagement gift...all the way from where she lives in California and it arrived today! She was so kind to send us a bagel slicer and my favourite perfume, Vera Wang Princess!  My last bottle of Princess wasted out a few months ago (around Christmas time) and I missed the scent so, so much!  Everything was so beautifully wrapped in purple tissue paper and she even included a sweet card and present for Albi!  He was so excited to get something...Jonathan caught it on camera anyway.

I was so excited to get these gorgeous things and I can't thank Charlotte enough for being so kind and generous.  She really is a true friend.  We share a special bond not only because we have a lot in common but also because our parents have actually met!  Her mother was a student of my dad's when he was lecturing at the university she went to in Germany.  What a crazy coincidence, huh?!  Please, check out her blog where she posts regularly and also her YouTube channel!

Stay Stylish!


  1. What a beautiful gift!! I love that perfume, too!! It's so gorgeous!! :)

  2. how hilarious she sent a bagel cutter!! i bet you are on cloud 9!

    love the new blog layout :)

  3. Hi Anna, oh my gosh I love your hair color and if u do it
    yourself, what color is it? Congrats on u and Jonathon!
     Christine

  4. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! I love this post!!! Love the last picture too!!! YAY Albi loves his toy. :) It's from his BFF Colossus.

  5. @kikiazure Thank you! I don't colour it myself at the moment I get it done at the salon. It's naturally a dark honey blonde and I get light blonde highlights all over!

  6. ... very smart and beautiful

    i love it, and i follow you now..


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