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I know you guys have already seen this in my decorating my make-up room post but I filmed a make-up storage/collection video today so I took some photos for that and decided to go ahead and post them here too.  My collection is tiny at the moment because everytime I move, I shed LOTS of stuff I own!  I always go through all my clothes/make-up and figure out what I haven't used/worn in the last 6 months/year and throw out or donate or give away anything that I don't use anymore.  It's actually a very refreshing should try it!  I always feel a lot better afterwards and am left with a much neater and tidier wardrobe or make-up collection, which of course also gives me the excuse to buy more stuff...*sigh*  

Well now that I'm in make-up school I'm going to buy some new palettes...I'm thinking MAC, Coastal Scents and Bobbi Brown so I'll let you know whatever I decide to purchase.  I also need to get some sort of a vase for my brushes because my collection is growing all the time and my Dior case is too small to hold all of them!

All of the clear plastic storage items here were bought in Home Store & More for under €15 (I think the larger unit was €14 and the smaller was €10).  My mirror was €5 and the white basket with my brush set in it is from Dunnes Stores.

Do you have any make-up storage ideas/tips?

Stay Stylish!


  1. I love what you've done with the room,very warm,girly but still classy! I agree with you,giving,donating and at times throwing is great to refresh your wardrobe,see what you really need and wear and then you use everything more!I always look forward to your posts.

  2. A lot of people use vases with bean bag fill to hold their brushes, so that they are stabilize and don't lean towards the edges. I can't find bean bag fill in a small quantity so I use uncooked rice in an opaque black vase from a craft store!!!
    I like to think that the uncooked rice wont absorb moisture... but we will see.

    From @Cynamin_QC on twitter

  3. Thank you, Anna! I'll watch the video and comment it, too. :D
    I know the great feeling when you give or throw out your make up stuff.
    I don't like having too much make up 'cause it makes me think that I would never use every product.
    But with clothes it's a different story. :P

  4. Not sure if you have a Guineys store in your area, but I recently bought a few storage containers for my make up and stuff, I know the shop is a tip but if you have a good root round you will find some great pieces, your room looks great by the way.

    Sarah xoxo

  5. I just tossed out a bunch of old eyeshadow that was well over 4 years old (ick!). Most people don't pay attention to expiration dates, but I'm starting to be more fanatical about it. You collection looks really nice--you really love Rimmel, huh?

    Also, your site is running much more smoothly now! I'm glad I don't have to be afraid of clicking anymore!

  6. Love this!
    I follow you!


  7. Hi Anna!
    How are you doing, darling?
    Love the way you keep your makeup stuff, it looks really organized and clean!

  8. I bought the 88 warm palette from Coastal Scents last year and would highly recommend it. I think you would love it too, since you typically do pretty neutral looks.

  9. @Autumnfound Thanks girl! Yes, a spring cleaning now and then is always good!

    @Anonymous1 Yeah I've seen those! Your set-up sounds very cute! I might try that too :)

    @Shopperita I'm the exact same as you! I feel bad if I don't use all the make-up I own on a regular basis.

    @Anonymous2/Sarah Thank you! That's a great idea, I never would have thought of looking there.

    @Courtney Yeah, Rimmel lipsticks are my favourite :) Happy to hear that about the site!

    @Elise Thank you for following me! <3

    @Catanya Thank you so much, Catanya!

    @Vikki Thanks for the recommendation, I definitely will check that out!

  10. I love how you got rid of the makeup you don't use - I always love to give the products I don't really use too - to my mother, to friends, etc! :)

    Love your storage - the clear containters are so cute! :)

    Yay for new palettes, it will be so fun to see what you've decided to get! :)

  11. Great to see other peoples storage of makeup. I really need to sort out but i'm such a horder xx

  12. Hi Anna I love all the storage Im gona go to Homestore+more this weekend and get some :D
    Just wondering also did you get the Sleek pallete here in Ireland coz Im dying to get my hands on them!


  13. Such great ideas, love the prices too...thanks, Anna, it looks wonderful!

    Have a FABULOUS weekend!!!

    Liesl :)

  14. Hi Girl! I'm a big fan of Your videos and You are very beautiful, please do more about makeup I mean makeup tutorials :) I have a question. Where You moved? To Dublin? I'm moving there on Friday. xoxo Sylvia

  15. u shuld try storing your palettes in letter organizers and everything else in small storage dressers. i have my storage on my blog, check it out :) love ur youtube vids

  16. woooow! you have more make-up than me. $$ and I thought that I have the most. xD

  17. Hi Anna!
    Could you do a makeup tutorial on the classic red lips please? I know bolder lips is a big trend for the upcoming fall/winter season, but I would like to see a "toned-done" version for everyday. Thanks in advance and greetings from Greece!

  18. i love your make up collection & storage :) xox.

  19. I just made a tag about 10 favourites jewelries and I tagged you. I hope you'll make it 'cause I'm curious to see your fav' ones. :)

  20. who knew make-up storage could look so pretty :) xoxo

  21. Ciao, Anna!
    I'm Sara and I'm from Venice, Italy :)
    I just wanted to tell you that your blog and your videos are really inspiring and I love your style!
    Hope you'll tell us soon some more tips and tricks you're learning at the make up school!!
    Continua così, non ascoltare chi ti critica ingiustamente e pensa sempre positivo!

  22. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


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