Way Back When...

...I had short hair!  I recently got a request to do a hair history blogpost.  I think I actually did one of those a little over a year ago but it was on my blog before I changed the domain name, (when it was thestylediet.blogspot.com) and I have no idea where most of those pictures are as I scanned them...sorry!  But for those of you who are not friends with me on Facebook (where this album is posted) here are some pictures from when I had short hair, about 3 years ago (eek!)  Enjoy!

These were all taken by my fiancé, back when we first got together.  I actually had long hair on the night when I first met him, but by our first date my hair had been all chopped off!  As you can tell, my hair gets very curly and wavy when it's short.  No styling was done at all to my hair in any of these pictures, that's just how it was naturally.  At the time I was getting blonde highlights done as well.  I was living at home and my parents were paying for it...when I went to college and was living away from home is when the at-home dying process started!  

In these last three pictures my hair was still the same length, but pinned up at the back.  You've probably already seen the last one, it's a still from the short Jonathan and I made together, The New House Mate.

Let me know what you think...do you prefer my hair now, or do you like it better short?!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Wow! You are stunning!
    So jealous that your hair naturally went like that.. I like long and short but these short hair photos make me like the short style a little bit more :)

  2. Wow! That's crazy! I think I actually like shorter better but that could just be because I'm used to seeing you with long hair. Do you ever struggle with being "all hair," like you hide behind it? Don't get me wrong, you're absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Wow you look seriously stunning with short hair. It's so wavy and full of volume!

  4. Ahh you're one of those annoying people that look gorgeous with both long and short hair! No fairrr! hehe xoxo

  5. If my hair looked that good short, I would have done it long ago. Your hair looks great either way. Lucky!


  6. I really, really, really, REALLY love the way you look with shorter hair.
    It compliments your face so nice and it makes you look more elegant.
    Please, don't think that I don't like your long hair, because it's not true but I love these pictures!!

    I am curious what Jonathan prefers?

    (sorry about my english)

  7. Gorgeous oth ways...you look very sophisticated with short hair and fun with long hair


  8. How is it that you look beautiful with or without make-up and with short or long hair? :) I have to say I love it both ways and think you rock it short or long!

    I have recently been thinking of cutting my hair, not super short or anything, but I have very fine hair and so the longer it gets the more limp it is and I want something a little sassier and bouncier, but we will see!

    Plus, being an actor anything too major, which I;m not sure I would even do anywya, isn't the best idea since you have to change all your heashots and yoru agents have to agree so they don't send you in thinking you look one way and you show up a completley different way...maybe one day! :)

    Hope you are having a Wonderful Wednesday!

    Liesl :)

  9. you look so good with short hair. i absolutely love the last picture.

  10. Wow Anna! So glad to see those pictures. You just answered my question about ever cutting your hair short recently (LeFloofTV - day 103) so I know you won't do it again. That's ok, cause you really have gorgeous hair, I would die for it!!!
    But in general I love short hair (even really short cuts like e.g. Agyness Deyn), and it looks so amazing on you!!! So curly and natural, you look so fresh. And I agree with Yasmine, it looks so sophisticated. And isn't it much easier to handle? :-)

    So when you ever decide to do it again, I would definitely support it ;-)

    Thanks so much for posting the pics here cause I'm not at Facebook up to now.


  11. Wow it looks great. I think you are a very beautiful woman!

  12. You look amazing with short hair, don't get me wrong your long hair is lovely.

    I remember when you tweeted asking your followers what they thought about you possibly cutting your hair. I was one of those that said "NO!", but after seeing these pictures I am reconsidering my response.

    Either way you look fab!

  13. Wow, Anna the short hair is really stunning and sophisticated but I know how limiting short hair can be. Your hair now is just as beautiful :)

  14. I love your hair short, you look gorgeous!

  15. short short short!!!!!!!!!!!!im such a big fan of long hair,but man you rock that long hair...tomorrow im calling my hairdresser to chop mine of wow really stunning.you look like a total model.

  16. Your hair looks prtty any way, but in some of these picturs you have a bit of Julia Styles about you. I think probably Mona Lisa Smile film era possibly- thanks for sharing!
    Emma x

  17. i have to say i LOVE your hair short. not that its not beautiful long but i think shorter is more unique and shows off your bone structure better. You're so lucky that you can pull of both so you can always change it up. Anything above shoulder length just doesn't work for me :(

  18. Hey Anna =)

    It's Laura from Germanyyyyy *hihi*

    I looove the short hair, u looked like katherine heigl from Greys

    So DEAL: U cut your hair and send them to me :D :D :D

    I loooove your blog and i would loved to be a friend on FB with u

    and omg ALBI is the best . .. the new channel GRAT :D


  19. My vote goes to short hair! it emphasise your face much better than long hair!

  20. Wowwww!! Your short hair is absolutely amazing!! Very, very, very nice! I vote for short hair!!

  21. I like it long and I like it short, I think I like it best with some face framing layers no matter what the length. I loved when you had side bangs, really emphasized your eyes and cheekbones. It's beautiful now, but if you feel like changing it up, some layers would be pretty!

  22. !!! you're so cute with short hair! I envy how you have such nice boucles when your hair is short!
    You look great with short or long hair. =)
    I'm asian, so my hair NEVER curls. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. =)

    Check out my blog: www.neway36.blogspot.com ^^

  23. Anna short hair on you looks amazing, you look like a supermodel it shows off your amazing cheek bones and jaw line even more. So pretty either long or short it really suits you!
    Would you ever cut your hair that short again?

    Love your vlogs btw.
    Sarah aka
    Sarloujayne (youtube) xoxo

  24. Wow, thank you so much everyone! I definitely did not expect that big of a reaction! :)

    @Shopperita Jonathan has always said he doesn't care, either way but recently he's started to say he doesn't want me to cut it because he likes my "barbie hair". LOL!

    @Anonymous/Laura Hahaha, okay deal ;)

    @Anonymous/Sarah I'm not sure...for now I'm going to say no? But that's just because as Rebecca said in one of the comments above, short hair can be so limiting! :/ I like the option to be able to create different styles :) But I may change my mind...who knows ;)

  25. You should totally cut your hair like that again, you look so stunning!!!

  26. wow I love your hair short like that, like someone said it's so elegant and stunning!

  27. I showed my stylist these pictures and had my hair chopped off today (3 1/2 inches!) I love it! I love your hair both ways. Thanks for the inspiration! Haha


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