Early Birthday Goodies

I recently treated myself to a few goodies from ASOS to add to my autumn/winter wardrobe and I've been wearing a few of the items everyday since I got them!  These booties are the most comfortable, cutest "in-between" boot I've ever worn!  They're black suede with a little kitten heel and they're perfect for that in between weather when it's too cold to wear ballet flats but too warm to wear knee-high boots.  I'm also obsessed with my new leather bag and I love that you can wear it either across your body or on your arm.  Two different looks in one!  The leather is super soft and it's a great size, not too big not too small!  The best part about this bag though, is that it was only €66 :)  I'm also wearing this stripy jersey cardigan which I absolutely love.  It's casual yet chic at the same time...just my style!

Cardigan - Rare
Top - Primark (similar style by Mango here)
Jeans - Zara (similar style by Cheap Monday here)
Boots - ASOS
Bag - ASOS
Earrings - Accessorize

Let me know what you think!  What did you wear today?

Stay Stylish!


  1. Looks great! U-no I remember like over a year ago you talked about Jeggings and we in the US hadn't heard of them yet, I had to ask you what they were! LOL.
    You fashion forward thing!

  2. You look gorgeous honey!!! I love all of your new goodies. I wish it were cold enough for over the knee boots..hehe! I finally got to wear a pair of booties the other night, it cooled off here in a L.A. a tiny bit the other night, I was soo excited :)

    Have a great day sweetie!!

    XOXO, CC


  3. I saw that bag on ASOS, its really nice! I agree with you on preferring leather bags & shoes. I definately try to always by leather shoes, boots especially! I would like to buy more leather bags, but they can be quite expensive, but TK Maxx can be a great place to get a great deal on a leather bag! Love the kitten heels, very tempted now :)

  4. Very cute outfit. What a good price on a real leather bag! Especially in the UK. I don't see too many that are nice like that, at that price here in the US.

  5. Nice outfit!! The bag is so beautiful! I commented on daily vlog about leather bags and shoes. I loooove them but because they are a bit expensive, sometimes I buy fake leather bags, shoes never.

  6. You look gorgeous! Love your outfit!


  7. You look fabulous! The bad is the bomb, Anna! And I love the boots, and the jeans - well, everything :) You look just perfect1 I wish I could wear slim jeans too lol

  8. @Julie Aww, ha ha! Thanks! I guess they originated in the UK? I think I first found them on the ASOS website :)

    @Miss Cupcake Thank you so much :) You always look beautiful. That's so funny, I'm always wishing it was warmer! Let me send you over some of this cold weather!

    @Ciarrai Yes, the bag is beautiful and not expensive at all! Same with the shoes, and they're quite comfortable too :)

    @lake breeze Thank you! Yeah, I was surprised by how reasonable it was.

    @Shopperita I have a lot of fake leather bags that I never use anymore :( I feel they were a waste of money now but I think I'll give them to my sister!

    @Nikki Thank you so much!

    @Policosmetics82 Thank you! Why can't you, crazy girl?! xxx

  9. Aww you look gorgeous! Those shoe boots are so cute & I love the bag! I don't wear leather but I've got my eye on a similar non-leather one from asos. Gotta love asos haha! xo

  10. love the shoes. I am really in the hunt for some super comfy flat nice black boots but haven't had any luck. seems like all shops have size 37 or 38, one just a little small and the other just a little big, I need 1/2 sizing grrr!
    love the bag too :)

  11. wow you made that post on my birthday!(october 15) lol!

  12. Ooo, it all looks so great. Especially love the booties :)

  13. Happy Early Birthday, Anna...never too early for some goodies! ;) I am loving your outfit and what a great little cardigan wrap and bag! I hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!

    Liesl :)

  14. Once you have a leather bag you just can't stop using it! I got one from Christmas last year and I loved it so much that I'm still using it today.. I just can't switch bags!!! They last you a long time, and even though I use mine everyday, it still looks like it's new!
    Before I watch your videos, I was really afraid of wearing skinny jeans, or leggings or even ballet flats, I thought it would look horrible on my body, but then I watched how it always looks so nice on you and we have the same type of body so I started trying it on and now I love it! So thank you for that ;)
    oh and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, it means a lot (: <3

  15. Anna, I´m loving the boots & bag! Great taste! I´ve never seen any boots quite like those... You look absolutely stunning. Love you hair like this too!! Lots of love! xx


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