Hidden Gems

I love my leopard print faux fur gilet.  I can wear it inside and don't have to turn the heating on, as well as outside without a coat.  Yay!  I bought this in the most unlikely of shops, I believe it's called CC and is kind of an "old lady shop"...I had never been in there before but my mom was visiting me when I was in college in the UK and we both went in because they were having a sale and, well...Dr. Quinn the Medicine Woman's face was on the front window, haha!  I used to love her :) 

This was in May and I spotted this gilet which had been reduced from £150 to something like £40.  I had to have it!  It just goes to show, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover!  Just because you think it looks like an old lady shop, doesn't mean you won't find a hidden gem!  Here's what I'm wearing today:

Gilet - CC (similar style by Love Label here)
Jeans - French Connection (similar style by La Redoute here)
Boots - (get them with straps here)
Top - (same style in different colours by La Redoute here)
Earrings - Accessorize (similar style by Evans here)
Bag - ASOS

I am also wearing a new lip-gloss from The Body Shop, Love Gloss in Twinkling Pink #19, which they sent to me as part of their new Winter 2010 collection.  I'm absolutely in love with it and have been wearing it since I received it.  Not only does it smell deliciously fruity but it also gives the perfect pink sparkle to my lips!  I don't normally like to wear lip-gloss but this one has forced me to put down the Summer Angel...for now...hahaha :)

Let me know what you think of this look!

Stay Stylish!


  1. wow, loving that faux fur vest. so on trend.

  2. Wow! Really shows we go though the racks in shops these days. Loving the combo :) xxx Sabrina

  3. Gorgeous! I'm addicted to the love gloss too - it's the best shade out of the lot by far.
    I laughed when I read about Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. I adored her too ha ha
    She still looks amazing! x

  4. Gorgeous outfit & your make up is super lovely! The most unassuming of shops always seem to turn up a real gem every now and then!


  5. I have been wanting to get a faux-fur vest for this Fall and upcoming Winter...loving the way you put the look together! Beautiful, as always!

    Liesl :)

  6. Hey Anna

    That faux fur vest looks SUPER comfy and warm :)
    Really cute!


  7. That looks so snuggly!! (and chic).

  8. Super super super cute!! I love all your outfits you always look amazing! XX

  9. Hurrah for the wavy locks! So pretty.

  10. I found some great sweaters too at old lady shops...lol
    Love the faux fur vest! So cute :)

  11. Love your blog :) Maybe you could see mine and tell me your opinion thanks :)

  12. Thank you so much everyone!

    @Dazzledust25 Yes, I used to watch that show religiously!! LOL!

    @jennie I know, don't they? Just goes to show, you shouldn't judge before you've been inside! I've actually returned to it quite a few times since in hopes of finding something else just as fabulous!

    @Ashley Thank you! This is how my hair looks without any product/styling :)

  13. oh you look beautiful! I'm always afraid of wearing white jeans, I don't know why.. I bought a pair this summer but I never got a chance to use them!


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