Camel Shorts

Top: H&M (similar style by Matalan here)
Shorts: Zara (similar style by Urban Outfitters here or Topshop here)
Shoes: TK Maxx (similar style by Office here)
Bag: Chloe
Earrings: Accessorize
Coat: Sisley (similar style by Jaeger here)
Scarf: Zegna (similar style by Burberry here)

I'm loving the camel trend at the moment.  It's the perfect autumn colour!  I was lucky enough to get these gorgeous camel coloured corduroy shorts from my mom for my birthday and today was my first time wearing them.  I absolutely love the material, it's so soft!  I paired them up with these leather kitten heels in a similar shade.  What are your thoughts on the camel colour trend this season?

I'm also wearing a different shade of lipstick today.  I wanted a more matte finish, although this particular lipstick is very creamy and moisturizing - perfect for the colder months!  I'm wearing Natalie by FYF cosmetics.  It's the perfect peachy nude.

Also, while putting this post together I realised something looked familiar...and I was right!  Here's a picture taken almost 4 years ago of me and my daddy...I'm wearing the exact same scarf and coat combination :)  In fact, he bought me the coat and I stole the scarf from him!  We always had very similar taste and style.  I remember the day this photo was taken well.  We were out with the whole family and my dad and I were the only ones bundled up in our trench coats, complaining about the cold weather...ha ha ha!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Wonderful picture with you Dad, may he live on through your style. And I love the camel trend.

  2. wow that outfit is stunning love it, and I love the fact that you are wearing clothes you bought 4 years ago, thats the way it should be, I don't mind paying that little bit extra if its going to last.
    very cute pic of you and your dad too <3
    Sarloujayne x x

  3. Gorgeous outfit & make up <3 I adore your classic trench coat! xo

  4. picture of you and your dad is very touching. I got emotional looking at it..

    You are a stunner!


  5. I love the outfit! The makeup! The hair! THE EVERYTHING! Gosh.. some people are just born with it -__-" Or well.. obviously not the makeup. Anyway, girl.. you better love what you have! Cause you're SO pretty!

  6. Great outfit♥ I love the camel trend too! I think it's so great to be able to wear something that has such wonderful memory!! I love that photo with your dad, he seems like such a warm person :)


  7. Very cute outfit. :)

  8. Hi Anna,

    I really love camel!!! I like to combine it with navy blue or black. Your outfit is soooo chic but looks so comfortable at the same time! I love it!

    That picture of you & your daddy is so lovely too! But you really look like as if you're cold... ;-)

    Have a nice weekend,


  9. So sweet Anna, and you look cute and chic all bundled up. I don't know anyone who can do classic as well as you can.

    p.s. thanks for the compliments. no modeling though as I'm only 5'1 (tiny but I like it!) and I like the photography part more. Posing is torture for me, haha :)

  10. You look absolutely gorgeous, Anna! I love wearing tights with shorts when the weather cools down :)

  11. Your lipstick looks lovely and I have to say I am a big fan of you in the camel and neutral colors...your shoes are FAB! I'm still looking for the perfect nude/camel pumps to go with everything! Love your trench and scarf chic!

    Liesl :)

  12. Beautiful combination of colors! And the lipstick is perfect!

  13. I watched your video of this look, and I thought it was so lovely the photo with your dad thing (:
    I think brown and camel are a great combination, even though I don't like shorts, they look really great on you... any if anyone who doesn't like shorts like me could easily recreate this look with some cute camel pants or a jumpsuit (:

  14. How lucky can someone be, those shorts you're wearing are completely sold out here in Spain, even in the web you can only find the xs =( unfortunately is to small for me. Anyway you look gorgeous every time. Please don't stop doing videos and post.

  15. Ah! I love your trench coat!! I've been looking for the perfect one for the longest time. <3

  16. Nice outfit!! The last photo is beautiful! :)


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