My Perfect Imperfections

I was tagged by the gorgeous Sammi Maria (beautycrush) to do the perfect imperfections tag, which was created by the equally gorgeous Andrea (AndreasChoice).  I LOVE this tag, it shows that everyone is normal, we all have imperfections or "flaws" or silly little insecurities about the way we look.  The tag basically involves admitting your 3 "imperfections" or things that you don't like about the way you look followed by 3 things you like about yourself.  Sound like fun?!  Here goes! :)

Things I Don't Like So Much
1. My cellulite - It used to bother me more than it does now...I think I've just learned to live with it!  I also feel like there's more on one leg than on the other, is that possible?!  You tell me...hahaha!  
2. The right side of my face - My face is completely asymmetrical.  As in, one side is completely different than the other, see for yourself in the picture above!  I way prefer my left side and always try to pose for pictures with that side showing rather than the right.  I get this from my dad, he had the same thing in fact when I'd see his reflection in a mirror he would look different than he did in real life...weird or what?!
3. My feet - UGH!  I have a hard time even writing this!!  Feet gross me out so much, but I have particularly ugly ones, hahaha!  My sisters were blessed with pretty feet but not me!  So unfair, I know ;)

Things I Quite Like
1. My hair - People tend to compliment me on my has quite a nice natural wave to it which makes it easier and quicker to style as I usually just leave it the way it is.  Also I like that it's not greasy at all and I can get away with only washing it every 3 days.
2. My waist - I always gain weight there last...which I suppose is quite nice.  Whenever I gain weight, I'll gain it in my boobs, hips, arms and thighs first.  But no matter what weight I've been my waist has always been a good 10inches smaller than my bust and hips.
3. My cheekbones - I am grateful to my dad for my bone structure, as we have the same weird asymmetrical face thing going on but we also share the same cheekbones and jawline hahaha!  I tend to get lovely compliments on almost every video about my cheekbones which is very nice to hear :)   The only downside to that is that some people tend to ask me if I've had plastic surgery done or fillers in my  NO!  I've never had any plastic surgery, ever!

So, now it's your turn!  I tag all of you to do this, let me know in the comments section what your three "imperfections" and your three "perfections"'s fun, promise!  I also tag a special person, Alexandra from HRHCOLLECTION.  Please check out her blog and YouTube channel, she has amazing style is a beautiful girl!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this!! I love this tag, it shows that everyone's human, even all the beauty gurus on YouTube who look flawless and always full of confidence♥ I also hate my cellulite and the right side of my face!! I've always had cellulite, and it's stopped me from wearing shorts and short skirts :( And I like my left side of my face better so that's the only side anyone will see on my pictures haha :P

    I'll do a post real soon about my perfect imperfections♥


  2. I love this tag that has been going around! Can I just tell you that I hear you on the cellulite, which I have had since I was little or can even remember and it is worse on one leg for me, yes, it must be possible! :) Le sigh! LOL! I think I shall do this tag too!

    Liesl :)

  3. Good tag Anna. I hate my body shape (I have PCOS which makes it that much harder to lose weight), height and rosacea. I love my blonde hair, my eyes and my nails.

  4. I love this tag! I will make a post right now :) You are so beautiful Anna! And yet you look so real.

    Thanks for tagging us!

  5. Great tag Anna!

    How funny, it's rather the same things I don't like on me... especially the feet!!!(a gift from my father as well) ;-) And not to mention the cellulite (also more on one side... should be a common thing...).

    But I think the most I don't like on me is my low self-esteem, cause I could post about minimum 20 things I really hate about me! Although I'm obviously not that ugly... ;-)

    What I like is my bright blue eyes and that my waist is the smallest part of my body.

    Greets from Germany!!!

  6. just found your blog! you are absolutely beautiful love your beautiful blonde hair!

    congrats on the award! :)

    head over to my blog and answer three quick questions for me if you get a chance!!


    xoxo, jaz

  7. things I don't like:
    1. My unclear skin on my face.
    2. my upper lip is a little on the thin side.
    3. my cellulite, I have some.

    Things I like:
    1. my body. its small and curvy (I don't mean fat) with a rear to envy.
    2. my hair, its pretty easy to manage and wavy.
    3. my eyes, they are blue and I am pretty happy with them.
    4. haha...I like my mind because I am creative and very imaginative.

  8. I think your right side is beautiful!

  9. Lovely post! thank you for tagging everyone, i think il get on the bandwagon and do one too :)

    x o x o

    by the way, your right side is just as beautiful as your left! :)

  10. So interesting seeing all these gorgeous girls, like you, do this because what I've noticed it what we pick at in ourselves is unnoticeable to others!!

    1. I hate that I'm so skinny I have to sew/alter everything I own. I'd prefer some bulk but can't seem to add it to my frame.
    2. My hair just sits there, ugh! Cannot hold a curl. There's not even a bump when I take it out of a ponytail that's been in all day!
    3. I think my hands and shoulders are too bony. I feel like a clawing witch sometimes, haha.

    1.I'm so skinny but I have a bum which gives me curves and I like that, haha!
    2. My skin (knock on wood) is only dodgy at that time of the month, otherwise it's very nice to me and the lack of sleep it gets.
    3. My eyelashes, from my mother. They are so huge and already curled that I constantly have people asking about or complimenting the "realness" of my fake lashes. The last makeup artist I saw at Clinique told me my lashes were the most "insane" ones she'd seen, haha! I tried fake lashes once but you couldn't tell I had them on. Some mascara and I can look awake :)

  11. I just realized after all this time that I really dislike the right side of my face as well. Every picture I like of me is on my left side. You learn something new everyday, thanks. :) I also hate my feet also! sometimes I hate my skin if I'm breaking out.
    I like my hair, thick and healthy, my eyes, and my skin color.

  12. This is a great idea. So often we look at the imperfections and never what we actually like. You're beautiful and I'm sure your feet are too!
    Check out my blog

  13. Only three imperfections?Very difficult to name only three! :)) I have a tone of imperfections!
    I`ll try to name the ones that I hate the most!
    Let`s see...hmmm...well my teeth!They should be straight but they`re not and if I could have enough money I would do something about that.
    Then my nose.It`s too long and looks weird from the side.The last one are my darkcircles.I can`t go outside without concealer because I would scare everyone :))
    The things I like,my "perfections" are my abs,my waist and my hands.This was more difficult :p beceause I don`t really like myself so...but at least I could say that I`m pleased with my abs that are flat so I can eat a lot and it doesn`t show.I also said that I like my waist because it`s small and I can wear almost anything(but I`m not really pleased with the rest of my body because I don`t have voluptuous curves like other women :( )
    My hands are normal but they`re ok,they don`t have anything special bu at least they don`t have a flaw like other parts of my body or face.
    So that`s it!
    Kisses from Romania!

  14. I love this post!Everyone has things they like and dislike about themselves, but I think it's important to just love yourself for who are.
    1) My hair. It is so thin and fine that it just sits there. You are so lucky to have natural waves! I wish I had better texture. However, I like that I am a natural light blonde, because everyone assumes I dye it when I don't :)
    2) My arms. I need to tone them up a bit. I hate seeing myself in pictures because I feel like my arms look so flabby! LOL
    3) My freckles. One downside of being a natural blonde is that I freckle! They have faded a bit since I was a child (thank god) but I am still self-concious of them.

    1) My lips. They are nice and full and I like the shape of them.
    2) My bum. I have an hourglass figure but feel like my bum is my sexiest body part hehe.
    3) My eyes. I get the most compliments on them and I've been asked if I wear contacts because they are so blue, but I don't!


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