One Shirt - Three Different Ways

Here's how to wear one simple black shirt in three different ways!  You could also look at this as a "how to dress on a budget" post because I used a lot of the same items.  My style philosophy is very basic: I keep my clothes simple and classic and I jazz it up with accessories.  Watch my video on this post here.

Outfit 1
Black shirt - Vila (my sweet mom got me this after she watched one of my videos in which I mentioned that I didn't have any long sleeve black tops with a round neck...aww :)
Faux fur leopard print gilet - CC, about 2 years ago (hauled here)
Distressed leather skinny belt - Topshop (recent purchase so should be in stores but on the website they only have it in brown!)
White jeans - Zara about 4 summers ago (also seen here)
Calf boots - Dune, bought for my birthday one year ago (hauled here)
Silver hoop earrings - A gift from a subscriber :)

Outfit 2
Black shirt - Vila
Calf boots - Dune
Distressed leather belt - Topshop
Striped cardigan - Rare at ASOS (hauled here)
Pencil skirt - ASOS about 2 years ago (also seen here)
Sterling silver Anna necklace -

Outfit 3
 Black shirt - Vila
Black skinny leg pants - ASOS (hauled here)
Black suede kitten heel booties - ASOS (also hauled here)
Cream chunky knit scarf - Zara, about 4 years ago in Naples
Wooden bangle - Vero Moda, last winter (hauled here)
Black patent skinny belt - ASOS, earlier this year (hauled here)
Gold leaf earrings - A gift from a subscriber :)

So there you have it, folks!  A simple and affordable way to style three different outfits around one basic black shirt.  Hope you enjoyed!  

Stay Stylish!


  1. Super cute, as always :)
    Love the chunky scarf look! xoxo

  2. I totally love the outfits and agree on keeping clothes classic and adding funky fresh accesories. Nothing worse than spending a ton of cash on something "trendy". Thanks!

  3. awh i think your mama is just the sweetest, your lucky Anna!
    Mums are just great:-)

  4. Love the last look with the chunky scarf, I love chunky knit scarfs & what a great way to wear it! :)

  5. Love all three of them but outfit 3 is my favorite =)

  6. All three looks are great! I especially love your scarf! Your hair is really cute!

  7. I wish I had your clothes Anna

  8. Awww, this is soooo nice of Mama Stylediet!!! :-) And what a great idea for a blog post! I want more! ;-)

    #3 is my favourite!

    <3 Katrin

  9. great job! all the outfits look great!

  10. Ooo so great! They all look so different but still put-together and chic. Plus, I love that white scarf looped then belted over!

    p.s. i was watching lefloof today and one of the presents totally got ruined. I couldn't believe it when I saw the box in jonathan's hands :( except i got you Maltese ones of course.

  11. fun! i bet we all mix it up a lot but actually seeing how you do it with this specific example is cool. thanks!

  12. Like your scarf in the third outfit :)

  13. Thank you so much everyone! :) <3

  14. You look so gorgeous!! Loving your blog, it's so cute :)


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