Navy and Cream

Sometimes it's okay to be matchy-matchy!

Especially when the two colours are navy and cream...hahaha!  I absolutely love this colour combination and I was completely inspired by this beautiful scalloped skirt from Anthropologie.  I got it for my 22nd birthday and have only worn it twice!  It's such a pity because it really is a gorgeous piece but I just hardly ever find the right occasion for it.  Tonight we (Jonathan, my mom, my two sisters and I) are going out to eat at Wagamama's (a japanese noodle bar) to celebrate the release of my book!  (Watch the video here!)

This is what I'm wearing.

Jacket - Laura Ashley, Sweater - Benetton, Skirt - Anthropologie, Shoes - New Look, Scarf - Zegna, Tights - Oasis

I am also wearing a new lipstick I bought yesterday which I'm really loving!  Maybelline's Delicate Pearl (#812)  It's a pretty frosty/shimmery baby pink!

Stay Stylish!


  1. wow ! you are looking great ! I really like your skirt and jacket. You are beautiful girl !

    come to me:

  2. looks so cute.
    i love navy blue, too. beautiful!

  3. Love it! I have become a fan of navy blue in fashion...never used to wear it before the nautical theme came into style or at a Yankee game...hehe...but my fiance loves that color on me and I seem to get compliments when i wear thank you for giving me such great ideas and ways to sport it! :)

    Liesl :)

  4. Love your outfit! :) I like the term "matchy matchy".

    I re-discovered my Maybelline Coarl Gleam lipstick yesterday. I am in love with Maybelline lipsticks. Something about the way they glide on and feel... :) I think that color would look good on you. It's more of a pinky tone than coral. See if you can find it. If not... you know where to ask. :) xoxo

  5. I'm so happy for the release of your book!

    Looking gorgeous, as always, I'm loving the last shot! Did you use your new camera?


  6. Amazing as always! How do you always look so put together?!
    I think its hilarious now whenever I see your outfits of the day or whatever I always have to play spot the remote!
    All very lovely!

  7. I dont usually like matchy matchy outfits, but I do really think it suits you! i love the navy/cream combo!! :) and that lipstick is sooo pretty

  8. Love your skirt.)
    I also bought new lipstick, and I think that you'll love it too. Amazing texture and colour,that would be suitable with your skin color. It is YvesSaintLaurent Rouge Pure Shine 32.

  9. Gorgeous outfit! Those shoes are so cute <3 xo

  10. i love this outfit! you are so amazing and talented <3

  11. Love the navy and cream! Congratulations for the release of your book:)
    XOXO From New Zealand

  12. navy and cream (or white) also one of my favorite color combinations. it looks. it just looks so classic, chic and put together :)

  13. Very cute outfit! I always love navy, its such a classic color. Oh, and I wanted to tell you, I love your dark blonde hair!! It looks so much more natural and compliments your skin and eyes beautiful!!! I just love it!

  14. i love ur laura ashley blazer, whit s so classic and clean :)

  15. love love LOOOOOVE those two colours together =D

  16. Love the colour combo Anna. :o) Nice to see you in heels too!
    Hope you had a fabulous evening <3


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