Granny Cardigan

Let me introduce you to the granny cardigan.  
For the longest time, she and I had a bit of a love-hate relationship.  In fact, the granny cardigan didn't really leave my closet all that much and was sadly pushed aside and hardly ever worn.  You see the granny cardigan is no miracle-worker.  She does not promise to give you perky boobs, a tiny waist, or a feminine silhouette.  No girls, she will do none of these things in fact her bulky wool will most likely make you look heavier than you are and her horizontal strips will probably cause your upper body to resemble a brick.  

But here's the thing!  One day I paired her up with these grey Zara jeans and these black ASOS boots...and I saw her for what she really was, a true beauty and a hidden gem! :)  Some of you may not agree, but this big bulky black and grey Topshop cardigan that just might get you mistaken for a homeless person has actually become one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe.  And not to mention the fact that she keeps you warm on those cold winter nights!  Oh yes!  The granny cardigan is not so frumpy after all.

The bag I'm wearing with it is of course one of my staples...the black leather tassel barrel bag from ASOS.  The scarf I'm wearing is from Mexx.

And here's what I'm wearing underneath...a black wool turtle-neck with a button detail from the Gap.  I do like this, but it's SO loose-fitting and I wish it wasn't.  I think their sizing is waaaay too big.  How in the world is this sweater a size XS?! 

Enough rambling!  I need to go figure out what I'm going to do for tomorrow's health/diet/nutrition video and post.  I was thinking maybe a healthy veggie salad and homemade dressing but maybe that's too guys let me know in the comments what you want to see! :)  Also, thank you to those of you who could join me on BlogTV last night!  It was a lot of fun...if you want to subscribe to my channel to get updates on when I'm going to go live again, click here!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Anna, you seriously can make anything look good!

    I didn't know you was on BlogTV last night, I'm so gutted I missed it. Aww :(

    I really don't mind what you do for your post. I'd love to see the cookies you made the other day though ;) x

  2. Hi Anna.
    I love granny cardigans, I have about 5 of them in my closet :) So I´m rooting for granny! :D
    Second thing is, I think it would be better if you record how to make heatly dinner (for example with salmon, side dish and salad) than just salad. ;)
    And in the end I want to say that the blogtv was great, do it again sometimes :D

  3. Anna - I have that same GAP sweater..LOL

  4. Anna - I have that same GAP sweater..LOL

  5. The blogtv was so much fun :)
    I looove granny cardigans,hehehe even though they don't look as good on me as they do on you!lol
    I already posted a comment on your fb page but I agree with Andrea, maybe a healthy dinner or luch,something like that. Or maybe a vlog talking about the new things you've been trying out since eating a meat and dairy free diet because a lot of people (me included!) could use some advice in that area :)

  6. i like the idea of the video with the salads, especially a home-made dressing. I also am stuck what to use as a dressing and end up using a store bought one that is bad for you!

  7. I really like your granny cardigan! :o) I have a couple similar, I think they look cute over tea dresses and like you have worn it, with skinny jeans... I think it just looks lovely and cosy! Hope you can start loving your cardi again!



  9. i like your outfit! ..simple and convenient

  10. wow cardigan is great ! i really like your look.

    come to me, i have new note too:

  11. Hello Anna! =) I just received this black bag from asos you got. I love it! And now I'm thinking of buying the boots as well. I'm wondering about the size of the boots, if they are smal or big in size? I realy want them to fit, I just sent a whistler dress back to asos... sooo.... =P I realy want to know. =)
    Thank you for your great videos. Love them. =)
    Anna-Klara / Sweden

  12. You could do a cooking video for your bean fajita?They look so yummy:) Love you Anna <3

  13. Anna you look so lovely :) Its needles to say !!
    Loving the cardigan, it looks warm & cozy.

    I shall get into a habit of doing more regular posts, just did one today after a week ehehe!!

  14. How do you look this good in everything?! I love the granny sweater when worn right and you're definitely wearing it right!

    I think salad with homemade dressing sounds perfect. I'm good at cooking but I can never seem to get making a dressing down.

  15. Ah the granny sweater...we tend to call them grandpa sweaters here in Canada, but it's the same thing. I think anyone that lives in a cold climate has to have one haha Mine is big and warm and gray and stripey and I love wearing it with leggings and boots to those awful morning classes :P


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