Hair Tutorial: Romantic Curls

Happy Valentine's Day, loves!
I hope you're all spending today with the people who are most special to you.  Whether that's your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife or not :)  My fiancé and I are so unbelievably wrecked after yesterday's festivities and long working day (curse you, Mondays!!) that we have actually decided to spend the night snuggled up at home eating pizza and watching Little Fockers (watch the daily vlog here).  It feels so wrong after all of my Valentine's Day tutorials yet at the same time, it also feels so right!  For me, Valentine's Day has never really been about the presents, chocolate or flowers...I would rather spend it with my other half, who treats me like a princess everyday of the year and I am forever grateful to have that :)

Anyway, today I filmed a hair tutorial for this look which is basically a half-up half down style, with romantic curls and a bit of a bouffant/volumised top.  It's actually a very similar style to the one I wore to the Elite Model Look Launch party last summer, except my hair was a lot longer then.  Boo, I kind of miss it now! :(  

You can also wear it pushed to one side, like how I did at the party.

Side view


All I did was divided my hair into two sections, then used my curling iron holding it upside down and curling the hair away from the face.  I took random sections so that the curls looked natural.  I then teased the top half, section by section working back to front using a round brush and hairspray.  I secured everything using bobby pins (I had to use all of THREE which was what I could find in my house which apparently eats them) and set it with hairspray!

You can watch the video tutorial here.

I hope you're all having a lovely V-Day!  What are your plans for the day/evening?

Stay Stylish!


  1. Pretty!
    Enjoy your relaxing Valentines Night in with pizza & movie :)
    xoxo Roz

  2. Love any kind of curls, so definitely love this!

  3. It is similar with me and my boyfriend. It's so wonderful to have someone who treats you as his treasure everyday.
    You look lovely in curly hair.
    xoxo, Ania

  4. Happy Valentines day!!

    That's so pretty. And I love your makeup here, in particular the lipstick =)

  5. so beautiful ! great hair and i Love your make up !

    come to me, i have new note too.

  6. You are so damn pretty, it's crazy!! Going to go catch up & watch the video right now, I've been waiting to see this Treasure Hunt!



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