Makeup for Beginners

A very popular request I get is to do a post on beginners' makeup.  I remember when I first got into makeup and I didn't have a clue what products I should use or how to apply them.  My mom was not into makeup at all except for lipstick...and I didn't have a big sister to teach me!  How I wish YouTube makeup tutorials existed then, hahaha!  It is difficult to know what products are best and how to achieve a "flawless face" without looking like you're wearing a mask!  I believe makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not hide or conceal it.  I also believe that you should look like the same person, the difference between your naked face and made up face shouldn't be so severe that people don't recognise you anymore!

These are my favourite base products, which help me hide my blemishes, under-eye circles and spots, even out my skin tone, control oiliness and give me a healthy glow.

Step One: Concealer 
Benefit Boi-ing is my all-time favourite concealer for covering up any kind of blemishes or dark circles.  I wear the shade 02.  It's very thick so you need to blend it with your fingers and a concealer brush.  It does have a tendency to crease under the eyes if you don't!  So make sure you blend and use it sparingly.  However, it's amazing for giving the illusion of flawless skin!  

Step Two: Foundation
My current absolute favourite foundation that I have ever tried is FYF Impeccable Mineral Foundation.  I wear the shade Medium.  First of all, I believe mineral foundation is the way to gives such a natural even coverage without looking like you're caked in makeup.  But this particular one is AMAZING!  It gives my skin this beautiful glow that no other foundation has ever given me before.  It makes me look like I'm wearing highlighter when I'm not.  Having said all of that, it doesn't make my skin look greasy or oily, which has been a problem with similar formulas before.  You can purchase this from the FYF website (and no, I'm not being paid to say that...I just really love this foundation!  Hahaha :) 

Step Three: Bronzer 
If you wish you can swap this step for blush, but I've always been a bronzer girl!  The one I always go back to time and time again is Benefit Hoola.  It really is the perfect contour as it lifts your skin and makes it look more tan without being orange.  Use this with a very light hand though, as it is highly pigmented!  I apply this to the hollows of my cheeks, my temples, jaw-line and blend it into my neck and chest using an angled brush.

Step Four: Powder
My favourite powder of all time is Benefit Get Even blotting powder which counteracts shininess and discolouration.  Sweep it all over your face or on your T-zone to set your makeup and stay shine-free throughout the day!

Step Five: Eyeshadow
My favourite palette for a neutral, everyday look is this Sedona Lace* 88 Warm Palette.  I think this is perfect for beginners as there is a variety of shimmer and matte shadows, they are very high quality yet affordable and with minimal fall-out.  I use a medium matte brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows.  I do this using an angled/eyeliner brush.  This frames the face really well, and I will do this even on days when I don't wear any makeup!  To achieve a wide-awake, neutral eye I first apply a light gold shimmery shade to my entire lid using a flat eyeshadow brush.  I then define the crease oh-so-slightly with a light matte brown using an angled shadow brush.  I highlight the brow-bone with a shimmery vanilla shade using a fluffy brush and deepen the outer corners of the upper lashline using a bronze shadow and a pencil brush.  

Step Six: Eyeliner
For a more natural look, I use a brown eye pencil by The Body Shop and apply this to the upper and lower waterline.

Step Seven: Mascara
To open up the eyes and make them look more awake, apply several coats of mascara.  My favourite of course is CoverGirl LashBlast which never transfers, stays on all day and is very volumising!

Step Eight: Lipstick
Use a neutral shade like Rimmel Airy Fairy.  The matte shade contrasts nicely with the shimmery eyes.  I use this without lipliner or gloss for a more natural look.

Invest in some good quality brushes.  The Sedona Lace* 12 Piece Professional Brush Set is a great affordable full set to have because those are all the eye and face brushes that you need for a basic makeup.  If you are using mineral foundation, I recommend the face brush from Bare Minerals.

Here is the final look!  I hope this helps those of you who are beginners at makeup!  I was one not so long I know how daunting all the products can be!  I think you just need to find what works for you and run with it!  This is what works for me, and what I feel comfortable wearing.  It may seem boring to some people but it's what I like!  

Stay Stylish!

*Sedona Lace Promo Code: THESTYLEDIET.  Get $4 off your next purchase!


  1. Such great tips, as always, and lovely options for beginners, especially a nice set of brushes and neutral true! Such a fresh, pretty and simple look! Looking beautiful! Have a Wonderful Week, Anna!

    Liesl :)

  2. Hey Anna i'm Mafalda, i'm from portugal i just love to read your blog and watch your videos,and just wanted you to know that your my favourite guro EVER :D I would really love to make videos just like you, i love make-up,but i nerver got the courage to do so,since i'm portuguese and all that i thought that no one would be interested,oh well. kisses (here's my mail if you want to respond :
    P.S. I love that your weading is going to be in Italy, how romantic, i lived there for three months i loved it there!!

  3. You are such a beautiful person! Not only your face but your charisma is so impressive!
    Best regards from Germany <3

  4. lovely... and quick too :D


  5. such great tips!
    i espcially love the rimmel lipstick you have used in this tutorial!

    hope you had a nice weekend!

    <3 megan

  6. what a wonderful make up ! you are really beautiful :)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous and you are my saving grace here because even though I'm not beginning I have bo-ing and thought it kinda sucked actually because it creased so much. I'm going to try your tips tomorrow and see how it goes!

  8. This helps a lot :) I'm a beginner but I love makeup that I really want to learn and become a professional... How about blending? :)

    Thank you Anna!

  9. One of your best posts Anna, I hope we see many more make up posts/tutorials for beginners in the future!

  10. I wish I knew how to use makeup the way you used it here, when I was younger. This is very helpful for young girls but also for all of us because it reminds us that we are beautiful without tons of makeup.

  11. Beautiful! I want to try the foundation your talking about. It looks great!


  12. so cute!!!
    beautiful post!!!
    love it!!!=P
    now follow u

  13. excellent post as always!you have such an appetizing way of explaining yourself,i dont know if its the accent(in your videos) or your beautiful bone structure...

  14. You look stunning here, Anna... but when don´t you? (: Love this look on you! xx

  15. I am wondering why my Airy Fairy looks like beige nude even in the bullet? Maybe there are two different shades with the same name on the market? Like one for WE and another one for CEE?


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