Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Trends


Every 6 months or so, people always ask me to do a post on the next season's fashion trends.  I think that sometimes fashion trends can be confusing or overwhelming, especially when you see them in a magazine or on the runway and having someone explain how to make them more wearable and make them work for you can help!  Here's my take on this spring/summer fashion trends and how to wear them.

50'S/60'S STYLE

Dress - TK Maxx

Much to my delight, the late 1950's/early 1960's style is back for spring and summer.  Think of the show Mad Men; full skirts, feminine silhouettes, cinched waists, high neck dresses and old Hollywood glamour.  Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn were both icons of this era.  This is my personal favourite style because it's so flattering and elegant for all body shapes!

Skirt - Zara

Full A-line skirts were a staple on the runway, but more specifically the midi length (calf length) skirt.  This is a really chic and sophisticated look but beware if you are a pear shape or have larger calves because this style will only emphasise them!  Similarly this season, midi length pants (capri pants) are also in style.


Shoes - New Look

Fitting right in with the 50's/60's style, kitten heels are making a huge comeback.  A somewhat controversial style of shoe, these are little heels that aren't likely to break your back or give you blisters on a night out!  Embrace the 50's and 60's by going for a kitten heel with a statement big bow on the front.

Another shoe style that's making a comeback from last spring and summer are clogs.  I personally cannot stand clogs, I just think they're really ugly :(  But that's just my style!  If you loved them last year then you'll be happy to know they're back again!  They also tie in with the next fashion trend...


Pants - Whistles

A favourite of Rachel Zoe's, the 70's glamour look is absolutely huge for spring and summer. So break out your high-waisted bell-bottoms, fedora, silk blouse and an embroidered waistcoat, pair it all up with some wedge heels or *barf* clogs and you're bang on trend!

I'm personally not the biggest fan of this look because I don't think it works for ME but I do think it looks great on others, especially very tall women.  Flared jeans/bell-bottoms tend to make short legs look shorter, so watch out for that!  Alternatively you could just wear insanely huge platform wedges underneath.  Whatever works for you!  I didn't have any flares or fedoras to show you but I used a pair of high-waisted pants, as these are a key trend for spring and summer.  Just make sure they are wide leg though!


Bag - ASOS

The tassel detail is also hot this season, so if you're into tassels you can happily adorn them anywhere!  On bags, belts, cardigans, skirts and even jewellery.  This also sort of ties in with the 70's feel.


Jumpsuit - ASOS

Making a comeback from last spring/summer, jumpsuits and jumpers are back.  These can make for a perfect "in between" look, for example if you're going to a party but you're not sure whether you should dress up or dress down, a jumpsuit can fit either occasion depending on how you accessorise it!  The flowier, loose-fitting styles will look better on girls with fewer curves, while curvier girls should stick to the more structured, tailored styles.


Top - A shop in Munich...can't remember!

Yet another trend that ties in with the 70's look is crochet detailing.  It's on everything, tops, waistcoats, cardigans, hats, scarves...  If you like the style, wear it!  If not don't worry because lace is another detail that's also in for spring and summer!


Jacket - H&M

The biker trend and punk are both also big this season.  A cute way to embrace this style in a more is to pair a cropped leather jacket over a pretty summer dress or flowy tank top!  This softens the look and makes it a little bit more girly :) 

So those are my key fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2011!  I hope this was helpful and remember, you don't need to follow trends to be stylish.  Following fashion trends is meant to be fun, so don't take it too seriously!  Wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in, try out some new things to see what you think and don't try to be something you're not just for the sake of being on trend.  Because not every fashion trend will suit your body shape or style, not every colour will suit your colouring.  Wear what works for you, not what works for somebody else!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Ciao Anna =)
    che belle le nuove tendenze <3 sai ho appena acquistato su ASOS.com la tua borsa nera di pelle!!è in SALDO!!!yuppiiiie =D già la amo!!
    mi piace molto il vestito stile Audrey, le scarpe, le gonne, il giubbino di pelle... tutto! hai dei gusti molto molto belli, coplimenti ^_^ un bacione e buona giornata Anna

  2. I m tootally in love withe the dress in the first pic!

  3. Love Jumpsuits and the Jacket...:) They are a must hv :)
    i love your bag, and since i first saw it i have been looking for those kind of bags with Tassels, but cant find them anywhere! :( Where can i find them since i am from Portugal?


  4. Hi Anna! I hate kitten heels and clogs as well-unless we are talking about those gorgeous pair chanel made last year..but yeah,none of them is my style at all..Im loving the biker chic style though!

  5. so glad the 50s styles are still in... although I would go ahead and wear them anyway... at least this means we'll be able to find them in the stores!
    I also like this news about the crochet detail as I crochet!



  6. Hi! I can't stand clogs too:)
    Luv your blog!



  8. Anna I love the leather jacket, Playsuit ( khaki one) and this dress from TK MAXXX :-)
    Great chose of clothes. I like your blogg and start to follow you :-)

  9. Totally in love with the biker chic jacket, I need one!! I will have to check that one on my local H&M!

  10. Ciao Anna!
    I love your jumpsuit by ASOS & the biker chic jacket! Also, I love all the things crochet!!
    I guess we're up to a very trendy spring& summer!
    yeay, I can't wait!

  11. Hi,
    i have seen a very nice blog. i really like this blog. This blog gives to us very good knowledge about fashion tips for tall man & women . This is very informative blog.

    Thank you,

  12. Great overview of the trends! I personally love the 70s trend and I think clogs are fabulous! I think they are much easier to walk in...haha. Well I love anything 60s and 70s, I guess I got a little hippie in me hehe


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