ASOS, Les Tai Tai, The Body Shop and TK Maxx Haul!

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I recently picked up some items and being that this blog is dedicated to all things fashion and beauty...I've decided to show them off here.  Hope you don't mind...haha.  The first thing I didn't buy myself, actually it was more of a gift.  BUT it's a super cool gift and I think it's something a lot of you will like!  A few weeks ago I got this question on my Formspring:

"Hey, I'm going on a school trip next week.  How can I achieve a good makeup application with the poor hotel lighting.  Since I will be waking up really early, natural daylight isn't an option.  Also, I can't bring a plug-in lighted mirror.  Tips?"

Unfortunately, at that time I didn't know about this amazing product so I couldn't give the anonymous person a very good answer :(  But recently I was contacted by the Les Tai Tai about their Model Mirror, a super sleek and cute compact mirror with 8 LED lights that's perfect for touching up your makeup in dark situations...hahaha!  Dark situations sounds pretty awful, but you know what I mean!  You guys already know how ridiculously excited I got about my Avon light-up lipgloss...well this is the same idea!  The other cool thing about this is that the Model Mirror comes in lots of different designs.  This is my favourite:

It's pearlescent pink with a white stencil of a perfume bottle on the front.  There are two mirrors, the top one is magnified and the bottom is just normal.  It comes with a replacable battery and has an on/off button for the lights.  I am so in love with this mirror...I totally jumped at the chance to review it, it's so chic!  Take a look at the Model Mirror website and let me know which design is your favourite!  They're available at House of Fraser and also online plus they ship internationally (yay!).  

I also picked up some things from ASOS.  I got these khaki pants, in a size 8 which are a little big for me around the waist (ASOS sometimes has weird sizing) but they fit with a belt so I'm not returning them!  Plus it gives me some "fluctuating room"...hahaha!  Being that I'm a complete idiot I accidentally bought two pairs of these...?!?!?   But it's okay, my sister said she wants them!

This is really cute, I bought it in an XS.  Vila is becoming one of my favourite brands and I'm so happy they've teamed up with ASOS!

This is also pictured with the Vila top above.  I think this is a cute basic but it should have been priced lower in my opinion.  The material is kind of cheap :(  It's not thin or anything, just not very soft or as nice as the other items I got but oh well...  I bought this in a size 6. 

If you read this blog you'll know how much I adore my black Kooper I went ahead and got them in tan too!  Strangely enough these feel a lot softer than the black ones!  In a good way though, they feel very luxurious :)

These are cute but I was disappointed with the packaging!  I thought they would at least be sent in a little box or something...I mean it's not like they were super expensive but they weren't cheapy cheap either!  (They were reduced from €32.80)

Calvin Klein Push-Up Bra €16.99

Calvin Klein bras are my favourite!  I picked this one up in TK Maxx and I got it in a 32D.  They had some other really cute ones there too but not in my size :(  TK Maxx can be very hit and miss as you know but sometimes you can find a really great bargain!  I just love the print on this.

The Body Shop Nutriganics Softening & Cleansing Gel
The Body Shop Vanilla Body Butter Duo

These were also sent to me last week and I have been using the Nutriganics cleanser religiously to remove my makeup at night and it is AMAZING.  By far the best makeup remover I have ever used, it gets rid of every last scrap!  I don't wake up with panda eyes anymore...which let's face it, we all do sometimes when we don't take all of our makeup off properly!!  It's oily, so I like to wash off the residue with my Nivea cleanser afterwards but having said that I left it on one night and woke up completely clear.  My skin has been totally clear for about a week now (*knock-on-wood*)!

This concept is actually really cool, you basically get two products in one.  The more liquid side is for normal skin and the buttery one is for dry skin.  If you have some areas of your body drier than others (example: feet, legs...) you can alternate your moisturisers and use whichever depending on what you need!  Thanks to The Body Shop for sending me these two products to review :) 

I hope this post was interesting/helpful for some of you guys!  Let me know what you think.  Also I'm sorry I haven't been updating AS regularly this week...things have been crazy busy with the wedding planning etc. and I just haven't had time :(  I will try and take some more outfit pics throughout the next few days though.

Stay Stylish!

Disclaimer: Les Tai Tai Model Mirror and The Body Shop products were kindly sent to me for consideration to review.  I was not compensated by nor am I affiliated in anyway with either of these companies.  My honest opinion, as always :)


  1. I love the print on the bra, gorgeous. I can never get bras from there. I'm not even sure of my size sometimes lol

    The little mirror is cute, the perfum bottle print is adorable! x

  2. Anna I love all the body shop products and your earings in the first picture are really cute.
    Check out my blog :)

  3. so cute! i love your blog

  4. you always buy some great things! i hope your feeling better after what we saw in todays vlog! lots of love xxxx

  5. I'm excited for you to have these boots in tan. Very nice!

  6. im going to have to check out calvin klein bras! i have never tried them before!
    have a great weekend anna!

    <3 megan

  7. I was going to buy the boots in black, but I waited too long & they sold out in my size! typical! lol

  8. I just picked up a shampoo/conditioner/some soaps/ face mask & lip butter from body shop today!! Will be doing a post on it tmw :)!! Do you have any make-up recommendations as well as some skin care stuff for dry skin from body shop?

  9. everything is wonderful !

    please come to me :

  10. the hippy skull print mirror is really nice!

  11. lovely haul!you are looking very happy,glowing!!x

  12. I love the body shop duo idea... A face version would be amazing too, I have really dry skin round my eyes but get a really oily t-zone. I'll have to check out the range next time I'm in town. Unless you know anymore about it? x

  13. nice haul :) i love the body shop body butter duo, thats do nifty! haha

  14. The body shop duo is an amazing idea & I really like the sound of the cleansing gel.

    Also love the items you got from ASOS. Vila is a great brand. Totally loving the Danish fashion brands at the moment! xo

  15. I love seeing your new things so that I can vicariously live through you :) That mirror is so cute, I love the design on it so the lights are a bonus! And as always, such cute asos finds :)

  16. I LOVE those boots. They remind me of the Isabel Marant boots that Kate Bosworth wears except hers hit at the ankle. Here's the picture:

  17. The Les Tai Tai mirror is so cute with that perfume bottle design and The body shop body butter duo is such a good idea! x

  18. Love your blog! sooo amazing :)



  19. You are so beautiful Anna! ^_^ I'm so glad to come across your blog yesterday. I haven't been able to stop reading! :)

    Your new friend from Seattle,

    Steph ^_^


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