Dublin Meet-Up April 2nd 2011!

Watch today's video here! :)

Today we had a lovely lunch in Blackrock Castle with my family and Annika, our German friend who is visiting for the weekend!  Unfortunately it wasn't sunny enough to eat outside so the puppies stayed home :(  I got a yummy fried brie salad with candied walnuts and Erika & Jonathan got fish and chips!  

This is my little princess Sina right after losing her very first baby tooth!  Aww...  She's growing up so fast!  I found her munching on something in the bed this morning and of course my initial thoughts were "my diamond earring!!" but when I reached into her mouth and pulled something out I quickly realised it was her pearly white tooth!  (My diamond earring is still missing...but I KNOW she took it :-/) 

Anyhow...the real reason I'm writing this is to bring you all some very exciting news!  Jonathan, Albi, Sina & I are driving to Dublin next weekend for Jonathan's godson's 2nd birthday (Friday) and since before we moved to Cork I've been getting numerous requests to do some kind of a meet-up.  We both thought what better time to do this than next weekend and especially in Dublin because it's more fair for everybody living in Ireland!  We have created an event on Facebook...if you're a friend of mine already on there you will have been invited (Jonathan went through almost 3,000 people individually inviting them to the event, hahaha!  It took him all afternooon!) but anyone is free to come.  Check out our Facebook Meet-Up Page here!  And please let us know if you can make it, we would love to meet you! :)

Stay Stylish!


    will we meet up at the spire?

  2. I cant wait :D i'll bring my puppy! xx

  3. I wish I could go, but Portugal is sooooo far away :(

  4. I nearly cried when I got the facebook invite as I've just moved from N.Ireland to New Zealand!! I would have traveled to Dublin to meet you:( so upset!! Mabey another day when I move back:)
    Elle xxx

  5. I so wish I could make a trip to Ireland now but I live in the US and have work obligations! Damn work! I'm so jealous of everyone that will be attending!

  6. How cute is Sina! Rugby ate most of his teeth that he lost. Gross. Dogs...

  7. I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award. Come and see :)
    a song to pass the time
    xx Allie

  8. Take lots of pictures for us who can't make it!


  9. Aww I wish I could make it! I live in Canada and I'm actually going to Dublin for a vacation April 20th. If only I were going sooner. :(
    Have fun meeting the fans though! :)

  10. What FUN...If I were in Dublin, I would love to come out and meet up! Have a lovely time and I look forward to your picture post from it!

    Liesl :)

  11. Hi Anna... I cannot wait for the meetup, I would love if you could go to somewhere where everybody knows as I am not great at making my way round the city centre! Maybe the spire... or somewhere central :) Thanks a million, love Laura xxx


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