Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It maybe over for most of you, but I just wanted to wish you all a Happy St. Paddy's Day and hope it was a safe one :) 

We went to the parade this morning and to be totally honest with you guys, it was pretty disappointing!  I hear the one in Dublin was a lot better...  Anyway believe it or not it was my first time going to the St. Paddy's Day parade in Cork even though I've lived here most of my life!  My family were never big fans of Patrick's Day being that it's basically an excuse to get drunk.  

But having said that, it's important to be proud of your heritage and I'm certainly proud to have an Irish grandpa...because if it weren't for him my mom's family and my family would not have ended up here!  My grandpa on my mom's side is 100% Irish, and he married a German woman (my Oma).  My mom was actually born in Germany but moved to Ireland a year after she was born and grew up here.  Her other brothers and sister were all born in Ireland.  I never knew my family would end up here...when I was little our trips to Ireland to see my Oma and Opa were so special and exciting, that was back when Aer Lingus gave out cool gifts to kids travelling on international flights...like crayons, buttons, colouring paper and stickers!  *Sigh* those were the days!

To watch our St. Patrick's Day video and footage of the parade, click here! :)

I hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Anna your hair has faded quite a bit! I hate that about being a blonde, it takes FOREVER for a deeper color to stick. I love you blonde. THe blonder the better in my books :)

    LOVE YA!

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  2. You look gorgeous!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

    P.S: I posted pics of my new pumps on my blog a few days ago, go check them out <3


  3. oh, but here in Italy (at least for this year as a special holiday) it was the 150th anniversary of the unification... No parade though...

    I used to love the crayons that they gave us on flights too... :)

  4. Sounds like you had a nice st. Patricks day :o) (I'm not really mad on the drinking culture thing either though) I can totally relate about the excitement of coming to Ireland on holidays, we used to live in England before we moved to Ireland 8 years ago... :o)

  5. Wow, you take this celebration really seriously ;) I've also posted something about this but it's such a different culture here :)

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  6. Yeah that's all it is in America, is an excuse for people to drink. Everyone is Irish on St. Patty's Day I suppose. The farthest I have gone to celebrate it is to maybe wear green. So the parade downtown yesterday in Cleveland was such a nice day out that the people were loitering around all day and 35 people were arrested for fights. Mostly teens, who should be in school. Nice huh?

  7. We enjoyed our over here in America. Always good to celebrate where you came from!

  8. Looks like you both had a very Happy St. Patrick's Day and looked oh so adorable too!!! :)

    Liesl :)

  9. Hi Anna, I was just reading your formspring and came across the question about disliking Ireland...oh my. I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog because of that personal approach, which in my opinion makes your posts so interesting and genuine. I hope you don't let comments like that upset you too much! :)

  10. aww you and Jonathan looked so cute!!


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