Pretty Prom Hair & Makeup!

Watch the video tutorial here! :)

You better believe that's a sparkly tiara I just photoshopped onto my head.  Bow down to me, I am your prom queen!!!  Hahaha, who am I kidding...I've never even been to "prom".  In Ireland there is only one thing that's close to prom and it's called a debs (short for debutante ball).  It usually happens right after the summer that you finish school (6th year).  I would show you a picture from mine but my two debs photos are at my parents' house!!  Boo :(  I will try and find them and post them so I can show you guys though.  Oh, and there's no prom king and queen either (at least there wasn't when I was in school).  It's not as exciting or glamorous as it sounds..."debutante ball"...hahaha!


For the makeup I kept it really fresh, girly and youthful.  I went for pinks, minimal foundation and a neutral lip.  Here are the products I used:

FACE: Benefit Boi-ing Concealer (not pictured), The Body Shop Illuminating Face Base, Benefit Get Even Powder, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, NYX Pinky Blush, Maybelline Dream Mousse Shimmer #1 Porcelain.

EYES & LIPS: Sedona Lace 120 Pro Palette 2nd Edition (the shadows that are starred ;) Maybelline Line Definer, Impala Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil, CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara, Avon Hollywood Lights Lipgloss Celebrity Pink.

I also used a matte brown shadow from my Sedona Lace 88 Warm Palette to fill in my brows.  Don't forget you can get $4 off your next purchase on the Sedona Lace website if you use my promo code, "THESTYLEDIET"!  


The hair is an Audrey Hepburn inspired updo which is super easy to achieve!  You basically just make a really high pony-tail, make a hole at the top and feed the pony-tail through the underneath part of the hole.  Then pull tightly on the ends and fold them underneath to make a cute, fanned out little bun.  Fasten with bobby pins and set with hairspray if you wish!  You could also back-comb the pony-tail if your hair is thinner or less textured than mine!  I suggest placing a little tiara right in front of the bun for a little prom queen glamour!  

This is what the back looks like!  

I hope this tutorial will help those of you who have prom/debs/whatever you wanna call it coming up this year!  I personally don't have a prom to attend but I still rocked this around the house in my sweats and even took the pups for a walk...I got a couple of funny looks but hey, that's the fun part about being a YouTube guru...hahaha!

Stay Stylish!


  1. bellissima come sempre! :)

  2. Love it Anna!!! Lovely hairstyle and so easy to do will try it myself and the makeup look for a wedding I am going to in the summer :) xx

  3. Very nice look.
    "Bow down to the Prom Queen" :)

  4. OK, when I was scrolling through my bloglovin and ready to click on yours and saw you wearing a tiara I had to laugh a little...and then I read that you photoshopped it. Even better, haha. You are hilarious.

    And I love how fresh and pretty this look is. You can do no wrong prom queen :)

    Prom is lame. Ours was at a zoo in the rainforest section aka it was REALLY hot and humid so everyone was sweating and makeup was running. There were live birds flying around (and dropping things from the sky...ahem..) and at dinner a GIANT porcupine ran over the barrier. I had to sit near a monkey who peed on the window while we were eating. Moral of the story: definitely way to go on keeping the makeup light :)

  5. Love the up-do(the makeup is really pretty too), I would wear my hair like that just for going out :)

  6. i love that the make up is nice and subtle, some girls go a bit over the top for prom xo

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  8. You look gorgeous, Anna! What a great job you did! xx

  9. If I were still a ballerina, I'd wear this entire look!

    Don't worry about not having prom. I attended twice, and both times I had a dreadful time. It's not all that you see in the movies.

  10. I'd love to see more hairdos in the same style because you look gorgeous in all your videos. I'm looking for something simple but classic for my prom in May since I was going to spend more time and money on my dress and I cannot for the life of me do hair or make up.

    Hopefully with a little practice and watching your videos, I will get there eventually.

  11. I love the hair Anna, Prom is overrated at mine they didn't even let us vote for a prom king or queen because it's "favoritism" and could hurt peoples feelings haha. Anyway I'm a big fan especially of Albi and Sina! :)

    check out my blog?

  12. Love the eye makeup. Very soft and romantic.

  13. You look like a true Disney, so pretty! Loving the pink eye shadow too! Lovely!

    Liesl :)

  14. P.S. Just watched your video and what a FUN and easy way to do your hair like Audrey Hepburn, whom I love, I never would have thought of pulling my ponytail under and over!!! :)

  15. @Marta Grazie!!

    @Anonymous Thank you! Let me know how it goes for you! :)

    @The Anything Place Hahaha :)

    @Rebecca LOL I read your comment aloud to Jonathan and he was like "whaaa...??? a zoo?!?" Hahaha! That sounds so bizarre! I'm glad you appreciated my tiara ;)

    @House of Popuiel Thank you! Me too! :)

    @Rachel Michelle Thanks! Less is always more ;)

    @Liz Thank you so much, I'm so happy you liked it! :)

    @Chelsea Aww, you were a ballerina?? So cool :)

    @Sacha Definitely! Anyone can do makeup...just start slow and practise lots!

    @Kaylee Haha, thank you! Yes they are so sweet! :)

    @Allie Thanks! I don't usually wear pinks but I thought this was pretty!

    @Liesl Thank you so much Liesl! And yes, it's the perfect Audrey inspired updo which is really surprisingly simple! :)

  16. so cute ! you are so sweet and I love your make up :)

  17. You have fantastic cheek bones!! Love the tutorial :) x

  18. That blush looks really great on you! Consider me a new follower :) Please come visit me sometime <3


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