Wedding Inspiration: Style

I thought I'd do a little wedding inspiration post, seeing as I'm getting married in 5 months (AAAH!!!) and I finally think I've got an idea of the look I'm going to go for.  How stunning is the bride in the picture above???  I mean seriously, I am in love with her hair, dress, makeup and tan.  She looks amazing!  By the way, if you happen to be this woman (I found these pictures via Google image search) and you're now angry and slightly freaked out that I used your wedding pictures, I'm sorry...please just email me and I will take them down.  But before she does that let's all just take a moment to admire her beauty!

*EDIT*  One of my lovely blog readers has just informed me that the bride's name is Natalie Drummond!  Thank you so much for letting me know :) 

Here are some dresses I like...neither are much like mine but it's the style that I like and it kind of reminds me of my own.  Very bohemian and relaxed!

These are the shoes (the bride's ones, not the others) that I am looking for!  I absolutely love these little Moroccan correction, INDIAN style slippers, plus they suit my dress so well!  If anyone knows where I can find shoes like these please let me know.  

Hair inspiration!
(Again, totally sorry for stealing Natalie's pictures again but her hair is amazing and she's kind of my latest girl-crush.)  I'm so in love with the beachy waves, really relaxed and laid-back.  I also like the idea of little braids or something to pin the bangs/fringe back.  

Let me know what you think!  And if you are getting married in Ireland, check out this amazing website, The Perfect Day.  It's basically a huge wedding directory or database of Irish wedding vendors which provides you with everything you need to plan your big day!  (Oh, and no...I'm not getting paid to tell you that, I just think it's a really cool site!)

Stay Stylish!

Disclaimer: Image source: Google.  These images are not owned by me, nor do I possess the rights to them.  If you are the owner of any of these images, please email me at anna(dot)saccone(at)gmail(dot)com and I will remove them immediately.  

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