Hearts & Hates!

Sina and me, sleepy after our walkies!

1. Accidentally stepping on Sina's paw on our walk today :(  She screamed, I screamed, people stared...it wasn't very pleasant.
2. People who are obsessed with my diet, calorie intake, weight, etc.  Seriously...stop.  It's really unhealthy, and it makes me want to delete all of my "diet" related posts.  
3. Wedding stress.  'Nuff said!
4. My hair dye staining one of my favourite white tops :/  My hair was wet after my shower when I put it on and there must have been some hair dye still left in there because it left a few little brown drops...boo! :(
5. Not being able to respond to every message, email & comment.  I get so many everyday that I'm finding it harder and harder to reply to everyone!  I try my best to get through as many as I can but it's impossible to get to them all.

Hearts <3
1. Sina's new lead!  It's pink and has a pink ribbon and is super cute!  I'm ridiculously excited by it, haha!
2. Chicken korma.  That's what we ate tonight and it was super yummy!
3. The Killing...OMG.  Are any of you guys watching it as well?!  It's my favourite show right now!  I look forward to it every week...it's the best thing since Dexter (and I LOVE Dexter!).  
4. Ombre hair.  I'm still liking it a lot :)
5. Discount colomba...woo hoo!  If you don't know, colomba is an Italian Easter cake, it's freaking amazing!  And it's on offer for €5 in Tesco right now.  My mom and I bought two.

What made you happy/sad today?

Stay Stylish!

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