Makeup 101: Contouring & Highlighting!

Since I first started making videos on YouTube people have been asking me to do a tutorial on contouring the face.  Well, now here it is!  You will need six things:
Contour/Bronzer - this should be matte.  You're going to use this to contour and slim the face, and also make it appear slimmer!  I'm using The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in shade #03.
Blush - this can be in any colour you wish (usually a peach or pink toned powder) and will give your cheeks a vibrancy and fresh glow.  Today I'm using NYC Mosaic Powder Color Wheel in "Pink Cheek Glow".  
Highlight - This will add dimension to your face and give a luminous glow.  It should be in a light shade and preferably with a little bit of shimmer, depending on your taste.  I'm using Benefit's 10 (the pink side!).
Angled Brush - To apply the contour it's best to use an angled brush.  This will make it easier to get into the hollows of your cheeks and give an all-round chiseled look.
Blush Brush - A dense fluffy brush should be used to apply and buff the blush onto your cheeks.
Face Brush - Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush or a regular face brush to apply highlight onto your face.
Contouring Your Cheekbones
This is the most important part of contouring because it slims your face and gives you higher more chiseled cheekbones.  Apply the contour underneath your cheekbones in the hollows of your cheeks with an angled brush, sweeping from your hairline down to your lips and blend.  Then apply your blush right above where you just applied the contour and sweep upwards from the apples of your cheeks into the hairline.  Finally apply the highlight to the tops of your cheekbones in a C shape around your eye.

(sorry for the little "triangular" bare bit in my makeup - my earring scraped off half my bronzer by accident when I was taking these photos!! :( )
The Rest of Your Face
Here are the parts of your face that you should contour/highlight.  I don't recommend you do all of this for everyday makeup but it does look great for the evenings/night time!  
Contour - the temples, sides of the nose and jawline (not shown in the picture - I left that out, sorry!)
Highlight - Between your brows, on your brow-bone, down the bridge of your nose, on your cupid's bow.

I hope this will help you guys!  To watch the video tutorial on this, click here! :)

Stay Stylish!

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