A Very Preppy Outfit

Shirt - Ralph Lauren, Pants - Zara, Shoes - New Look, Bag - Chloe, Watch - Phosphor

For some reason I felt like channeling a very preppy style today!  Boat shoes + capri pants + rugby shirt = preptastic Anna!  Hahaha :)  I received so many amazing gifts in the post today.  A huge package from one of my lovely subscribers Julie, a Modalu handbag (which one of YOU will get the chance to win!) and the Sedona Lace blush palette to review.  I can't wait to let you know more about these things...but in the meantime, here's a ridiculously cute picture of my babies.  

Further proof that Albi is in fact human.  Sina was caught in the middle of a biiiiig stretch!
Gosh I love these two.

Stay Stylish!

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