What I Ate Today!

...actually, yesterday.  But I thought this was such a cool idea!  I was totally inspired by Ellen from Cinnamonalicious!  She has an amazing blog which I am not totally obsessed with.  If you're interested in food, pretty girls, and fashion you should definitely check it out....hahaha!  

I get a ton of questions on my Formspring about what I eat in a day, etc. etc. so I thought I would just take one day (yesterday) and take pictures of everything that went into my mouth.  And here it is!  I must admit I didn't eat anything very interesting but hey ho, this is real life!  And if you guys like this post maybe I'll do this more often. :)  
I pretty much eat the same thing every morning, and yesterday was no exception.  Above are the ingredients used to prepare my meal of choice (because you always ask!) and below it is the final outcome.  I use microwaveable oats but I actually just cook them on the stove (because our microwave is kaput :( )  I absolutely LOVE porridge for breakfast, it really fills you up and tastes delicious with soy milk, banana, strawberries and cinnamon.  Yum! 
This consisted of a toasted bagel with light mayo, cherry tomatoes and chicken.  I usually will have some sort of sandwich for lunch, and I loooove bagels!
I made salmon last night, baked in the oven for about 25-30 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.  All I did was drizzle olive oil and a little salt & pepper on top.  I served it with some good ol' Uncle Ben's boil in the bag brown rice and also made a salad.  It's very basic, just lettuce and tomato with olive oil & balsamic vinegar dressing which I made myself!
Yeah, I woudn't really call popcorn dessert but normally I eat some kind of dessert or sweet thing after dinner!  On this occasion we stayed up late last night first watching the Eurovision and then Dr. Who.  So I made a big bowl of popcorn!  Mmm...

I kind of forgot about drinks...hmm, well I had two cups of strong black coffee (one with my breakfast and one after lunch), a couple glasses of iced water and a cup of herbal tea before bedtime.  That's it!  Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and don't forget to check out Ellen's blog (she eats way more interesting things than me ;) !

Stay Stylish!

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