10 Years Younger!

Pants - TK Maxx, Denim Waistcoat - Primark, Top - Zara, Shoes - Primark
Today I've decided to be 13 again, hahaha!  Actually this is my little sister Erika, who is ten years younger than me -- did I manage to fool any of you?!  She spent the day with us and we decided to do a little photoshoot!  Erika has such a great eye for fashion and she really has a talent for putting things together.  She doesn't copy anyone else and has her own personal style.  I know when I was thirteen I didn't look this stylish!
Bangles - Primark
Bracelets - H&M (purple), Primark (gold), Breast Cancer Awareness
Earrings - Local Market
Hairband - Primark
Ring - Our grandma :)
Scarf - Zara

I hope you like Erika's outfit as much as I do!

Stay Stylish!

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    I love it the style of little erika ! Xoxo girls !


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