Feathers In Her Hair!

Pants - ASOS, Tank Top - NafNaf, Booties - ASOS, Earrings - Topshop, Watch - Phosphor
This is my first time wearing this tank top and I've had it for so long!  I guess I just never got an opportunity to wear it till now!  I really love black and army green together.  Also, a little update on my hair (more detailed blog post will follow tomorrow!) I did the "No Heat Hair Challenge" for exactly one month which means that I wore my hair natural without any styling from blowdryers, GHDs or curling irons for four long weeks!  My hair has definitely grown and I am seeing the benefits.  It's healthy, strong and I have only a few split ends, considering the last time I cut it was back in October!!  I am in need of a trim though...  But aside from that I couldn't recommend this challenge enough if you want to improve the health of your hair or if you are growing it out.  I originally had thought about doing this for 3 months but I think one is enough...my lovely pink GHD beckons!!  Also I am going to be on TV on Friday (yay!!) as Jonathan and I are going to be interviewed by Ireland AM and I am pretty sure I'll be heat styling my hair for that so...yeah.  But it was worth it!  In the future I am going to try not to use heat on my hair so much and embrace my natural "frizz" more often.  Here's a look at how long my hair is now:
My goal is for it to be beneath my bust...it's getting there!

Would you be interested in taking the 4 Week No Heat Challenge?

Stay Stylish!

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