June Favourites!

These are my June Favourites!  I don't have a lot because I haven't really been shopping these last few months as I'm saving up all my pennies for my wedding in September but these were the products I used and loved most last month.  Also, a lot of these were gifts from subscribers/YouTube friends!  I hope you don't mind but I really appreciate everything I get and I wanted to express that in this post!
Almay Intense i-Color Trio for Hazels
This was a gift from my friend Julie!  She sent this to me from the US (I don't think you can get it in the UK & Ireland but please correct me if I'm wrong).  I wore this for pretty much the first half of June, hahaha!  I absolutely love the colours - a soft pink for the lids, a shimmery brown for the crease and a light gold for the brow bone.  Worn with a brown eye pencil, this looks soft and pretty for daytime.  The eyeshadows are all shimmery, very pigmented and last all day long.  I think this would be very flattering for brown and hazel eyed girls alike!
CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Shimmering Sands 110
And here's what I wore on my eyes for the other half of June, haha!  This is another favourite eyeshadow trio of mine, which I used to create my Basic Smokey Eye Tutorial.  It was a gift from Nathalie (with an "h"!) and she couldn't have picked more perfect shades.  Again, these are shimmery and you get a taupe for the lid, darker brown for the crease and a champagne colour for the highlight.  I was super impressed by how pigmented and long lasting these are too.  If you can get your hands on CoverGirl, I really recommend this palette!
Sarah G Cosmetics Super Lash Brown Mascara
This mascara has become a firm favourite of mine, and definitely gives my CoverGirl LashBlast a run for its money!  I'm really happy to recommend this product too, because it's from my best friend from primary school's very own cosmetics line, Sarah G Cosmetics!  She gave me a whole bunch of products to try out and review (which I will be doing very soon) and this is probably my favourite of the bunch.  It comes with a fat brush which is a must for me, as I like them the best.  It both volumises and lengthens with no clumping, or flaking and it doesn't smudge or transfer during the day.  Also being that it's brown makes it a lot more wearable and softer for daytime looks.  
p2 SunLove Sunny Moments Blush 010 Summer Flirt
This is actually the blush I wore on my Ireland AM appearance but I couldn't remember the name of it when I blogged about my makeup so I lied, sorry!  I was travelling at the time so my mind was all flustered.  But here it is!  My favourite blush of the moment and still going strong.  This was sent to me by Jana from Germany!  It's a gorgeous shade of peachy coral with gold veining.  When applied it gives a warm glow which looks perfect with a summer's tan!  I would imagine this would be really flattering for anybody with a warm skintone or features.  Unfortunately though, this was a limited edition blush and you can't get it anymore! :(  Boo hoo!  But a few people have told me that it's similar to MAC's baked blushes so I will have to look for a dupe!
Nails Inc. InStyle Coral Nail Polish
I really hope you can still get this shade!  It came free with an issue of InStyle about a year ago I think, and I sort of forgot about it.  Then the sun started shining last week and what with all of our trips to the beach, coral just seemed like the most appropriate shade!  I'm also wearing it in the last picture below and in my favourites video.  The only thing I don't like about Nails Inc. polishes is that they tend to be a bit gloopy.
NYC Expert Last Nail Polish 245 Midtown Mink
And since we're on the subject of nail polishes, here's what I've been loving on my toes!  (No picture please, as you guys know I can't stand feet!!)  This is something I'm quite surprised to have liked so much because normally I stick with the pinks/reds/purples family and the darkest I've ever worn is midnight blue.  If I'm honest, the first time I saw this colour I thought it would look quite drab but on the contrary!  It's very glossy and chic looking when it's on.  I prefer this to black, I don't think I'll ever get my head around black nails...I just can't do it!  As much as I love them on celebrities like Kim Kardashian I can't stop feeling like they're too "gothic" for my style.  For now I'll just stick with dark brown :)
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Lip Nectar Honey Bunch
To match my coral nails, I wore this gorgeous lip gloss from The Body Shop's summer collection.  It's a shade I never would have chosen myself but I love it.  When first applied it looks very bright orange but mixed with my natural lip pigmentation it appears somewhere in between coral and peach with gold flecks.  This is very sticky and long-lasting, so if you don't like sticky glosses it's not for you!  But it was great for the beach as it stayed in place.
Essence Lipstick 52 In the Nude
No picture of the actual lipstick because it melted/broke! :(  I have the absolute worst luck with lipsticks!  This was another gift from Jana and thank goodness I think you can get Essence products in Ireland, because this is definitely something I'll be repurchasing.  The best way I can describe this is a "Kim Kardashian Nude".  It's a true nude, that doesn't appear brownish on me (which most of them do).  It's very soft and creamy (probably why it melted!) and Jonathan is so in love with the colour as well!  He's a sucker for a nude lip, hahaha!
Balea Body Butter Kakao (Chocolate)
This was another gift from Jana (she was VERY generous!) and it comes from Germany again.  If you are in Germany I am so jealous of you because this body butter is AMAZING!  I carry it in my handbag and just apply it to any dry areas on my arms/elbows/legs etc. during the day.  The scent is DIVINE, whoever invented chocolate flavoured body butter is a genius!  It's so creamy and moisturising and I love this compact size for travelling!
If you'd like you can watch my June Favourites video here! :)

Let me know if you like or have tried any of these products as well, and what your June favourites were!  I am going to go shower now, this blog post took a lot longer than I thought - hahaha!

Stay Stylish!

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