Military Inspired!

- Long flowy brown cardigan from ApartStyle (buy it here)
- Khaki skinny leg pants from ASOS (buy them here)
- Cream ribbed tank top from Primark (bought last summer)

- Brown fur trim boots from River Island (buy them here)
- Skinny leather belt from Zara (bought last winter, came with shorts)
- Bronze bangle from Accessorize (I think...I don't really remember!)
- Bronze and pearl leaf earrings from H&M (bought in Germany on a school tour about 6 years ago!)
- Phosphor black patent leather Appear watch

I can't believe I'm wearing boots in July :(  However I suppose they make this look rather military inspired!  But it's been so rainy and horrible these last few depressing!  Bring on Italy!! We are also currently looking for a new apartment, which is extremely depressing because I can't seem to find anything I like which is within our budget and has cable broadband!  Ughhh...I'm just waiting for this month to be over -- please cross your fingers that we find a nice place with fast internet...haha!

Stay Stylish!

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