My Non-Bachelorette Party!

What I'm Wearing: 
GAP 1969 Always Skinny Jeans
Blue ribbed tank top from Primark (last summer)
Navy & grey striped waterfall cardigan from Rare at ASOS
Boat shoes from New Look (bought this year on sale)
Modalu London bag c/o Shopalike UK

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I am not a fan of bachelorette/hen parties.  I rarely drink, I'm not a huge party girl and the notion of pink L plates, strippers and flashing tiaras makes me feel a little bit nauseous if I'm totally  I just find the whole thing kind of tacky and most importantly, not me!  (Oh, and on a side-note bridal showers and bridesmaids' luncheons are not usually celebrated in Ireland.  It's usually hen nights all the way.)  So I was pretty nervous when my girlfriends asked me to keep today free.  Being the total control freak that I am, I had pleaded with them months in advance for NO L plates and NO strippers, hahaha :)  I was even more apprehensive about it when my friend Kate sent me a message yesterday instructing me to "wear jeans and sensible shoes" ???  This had me very confused, but I did as I was told and put together this casual ensemble for my surprise afternoon!

My friend Kim drove us to the top secret location, which I soon realised was a horse riding school!!!  OMG!  I was so excited when I found out what it was, I had never even been on a horse before let alone ridden one!  I was also super impressed with how creative this idea was - my friends are truly smarties who know me very well ;)  Although if I had known where we were going I probably would have chosen a different outfit but it actually worked out fine and I had the best time ever!  At first it was a bit scary, as I kept thinking my horsey was going to just gallop away in the opposite direction and I wouldn't be able to control her but thankfully I was given a really sweet and easy-to-ride horse, Puddles.  She was so cute and beautiful!  After our riding class which involved a relaxing walk on the beach, the girls treated me to lunch in the Radisson Hotel where we shared a very long girly chat ;)  What a perfect non-bachelorette party I had!  I have the best friends ever - thank you so much for a wonderful day Kate, Kim & Rebecca!

Stay Stylish!

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