Red Hot

What I'm Wearing: 
Red cardigan from Oasis (bought about 6 years ago)
High-waisted black pants from ASOS (bought not so long ago)
Black skinny patent belt from ASOS (bought 2 years ago)
Black peep-toe shoes from Saint Tropez (about 4 years ago)
Vintage gold bracelet brought back from Newport as a gift from my little sister
Gold stud earrings from Accessorize
Black leather tassel barrel bag from ASOS

I'm not sure whether it was the effects of wearing red but today I was seeing red too, more specifically when these photos were being taken, as you can probably tell from the picture above - lol.  I have a really bad temper handed down to me by my Italian father and have a tendency to be moody which is the complete opposite of my ever calm and mellow fianc√© Jonathan, hahaha!  So here are the reasons why I was in such a pissy mood this morning: 

1. The sun was in the "wrong" place in the sky (how rude!) and blinding my eyes, hence the different background.
2. Approximately one minute before I began taking outfit pics my right eye decided to become bloodshot, for no apparent reason.  ?!?!?!?  So I look like I have pink eye in all of these pictures, gahh!
3. I freaking hate these pants, well actually I love the fit but seriously no matter what you do EVERYTHING sticks to them.  They're like dust magnets and there is no way in hell that they will ever be fuzz free.  And nope, contrary to the suggestions of a few people who watch the vlogs, the hair is not caused by Albi & Sina - they are hypo-allergenic.  No, it's just my pants.  They are evil :( 
4. After this little photoshoot I was so frustrated (mainly because of my eye) that I broke a nail while slamming the car door. *sigh*  

Oh yeah and I need a haircut like, badly.  I tell you guys I was this close (imagine me holding my thumb and forefinger very slightly apart) from not posting these pictures at all due to the absolute craptastic nature of them but well, here I am in all my imperfect bloodshot-eyed, fuzzy pants glory...hahaha.  

Contemplating murdering

Stay Stylish!

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