Return of the Shoe Boots

What I'm Wearing:  
Khaki pants from Primark (last summer)
Black v-neck tee from Primark (bought recently!)
Leopard print cardigan from ASOS (about 3 years ago)
Black leather tassel barrel bag from ASOS
Gold Scorpio necklace from my dad
Gold vintage bracelet from my sister
Gold stud earrings from Accessorize

I would be a lot more depressed about the fact that I'm wearing shoe boots again if I weren't going to Italy on Monday, hahaha!  It's just another indication of how horrible this summer has been in Ireland (although the sunshine always looks so nice on my blog pics, it's actually almost always followed by a downpour!).  We spent the whole day packing and organising for our trip, as we leave for Dublin tomorrow morning and then fly out very early on Monday.  I can't wait!!  I'm so excited to see my family -- I miss my mom and sisters and I have not seen my big brother or my uncle and his family in over a year.  My family is so important to me, I am truly blessed to have such wonderful people so close to me.  One of my huge worries for tomorrow though, is dropping Albi & Sina off at their "summer camp" as we've decided to call it.  I literally can't think about it without breaking down in tears, lol.  Those two are everything to me and I can't bear the thought of leaving them for a week!  :/  But I know they will be in good hands and they have each other which does make a big difference!

Stay Stylish!

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