Day Five in Sorrento (Day After Our Wedding!)

What I'm Wearing: 
Sukura Maxi Dress from French Connection
Sequined flip-flops from Dune
Nude leather clutch from ASOS
Pearl earrings from Accessorize

This was what I wore the day after my wedding, which was actually the last day with all my family as they went home today.  Now it's just Jonathan and me here in Sorrento and we feel so lonely, lol!  We are too used to being surrounded by all of our family that now it feels strange having dinner just the two of us!  This was originally the dress I had picked out almost a year ago for my wedding, when I had thought it would be on the beach.  I really didn't want to "waste" it because I think it's such a pretty dress so I saved it for the day after.  If you want to see a sneak preview of my actual wedding dress you can look at my new profile pic on Facebook!  I will try to upload my wedding blog post on Monday when we get back to's just too difficult to organise everything from here!  

Stay Stylish!

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