Christmas Traditions with Ashley from The Shine Project!

Hey all you pretties on the other side of the pond :)
My name is Ashley, I run the blog The Shine Project,
and live in America with my sweet husband and pup Oliver.
And, like you, I'm a HUGE fan of Miss Anna!
Christmas is my favorite time of the year.
Not because of the presents
(We're actually not getting them this year, just giving to two families
who otherwise would not have it),
not because of the good food (although it makes my tummy so happy),
or sparkly lights....
But because of the love that comes along with the season.
The celebration of Christ's birth brings more happiness to the air,
and it brings a time that causes reflection and gratitude.
There are a few Christmas traditions that are my absolute favorites!
One is exchanging pajamas on Christmas Eve.
My husband and I get each other PJs,
and we spend the night at my family's house snuggling,
eating, and watching Christmas movies.
My favorite is when he gets me PJs with the little feet on them...
Another tradition I love is called the Christmas Service Star.
Growing up, my mom had this beautiful wooden star.
She would start it off by doing a small service for someone in the family...
Then whoever had the star would anonymously give it to someone else.
We'd make each others bed, leave a small note of encouragement,
buy them their favorite candy, etc,
and leave the star where they could see it.
It was always so fun, and my family grew closer because of it.
I encourage you to do something for someone else this Christmas,
and feel the love and joy of the season.
I can't wait to meet you!
Come over HERE, and say hi!
And leave your favorite Christmas tradition
if you would like to share :)

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