Lady Godiva

Cardigan/Numph, Jeans/Zara, Boots/London Rebel, Watch/Phosphor, Bracelet/Dyrberg Kern

This beautiful cashmere navy-blue scarf was a lovely gift from a subscriber of mine, Nicola.  It's so gorgeous and soft, plus I love how I kind of accidentally matched it to my jeans!  I also really like this cardigan which I got for my birthday and it's amazing how adding something so simple like a scarf can give it a whole different twist.

I was thinking a lot about hair hair that is.  I usually cut my hair about once a year (horrendous, I know) which is generally when it's gotten quite long and I'm bored and fed up with it so I will get it cut back to mid-length.  Then once it's mid-length I decide I'd like to grow it out again and in a couple of months it's back to where it was...and so the cycle continues.  I'm also quite lucky with the fact that my hair grows like a weed -- it has always been that way and I thank God that it is because this enables me to be so fickle with it.  

I have gotten a few very nice and lovely comments on YouTube asking me whether it's real or do I wear extensions...I am happy to say that I've never worn extensions and yes, my hair is all my own.  It's gotten really long now, to the point where it's just under my bust and I had been getting a little fidgety wondering if I should cut it to mid-length again.  Now I've decided that NO, I am going to keep growing it!  Not much longer but I would like it to grow about 2 more inches.  The reason why?  I was thinking about hair today like I said, and the first thing that popped into my head was a story my dad used to tell me when I was a little girl.  It was about Lady Godiva, who rode into town naked on a horse with her long blonde hair covering her body.  (Actually, I don't think her hair was blonde...I think I just imagined it that way being a blonde girl myself ;) I remember thinking that was the most magical and beautiful thing in the world!  So although I have no plans to ride horses in the nip, I thought I might live out my little girl fantasy of having super long hair for a while...what do you think?!

Something that's certainly not Lady Godiva-ish is this picture, but it was too funny I had to share it with you!  To give you a little idea of how this nonsense came about: 

Jonathan: Try some different poses for a change!
Me: Uh, okay I guess I could lift my leg up like thisssss...?
Jonathan: Yeah, that just looks weird...

If you're interested in hearing my tips on how to organise your closet for the New Year (or just in general!) you can watch my video about that here, and don't forget to check out today's daily vlog here!

Stay Stylish!

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