Maternity Style Outfit

Leggings/LoveClothing, Boots/London Rebel, T-shirt/Primark, Cardigan/ASOS, Necklace/Agatha, Scarf/Soaked in Luxury

This is totally the kind of outfit that would be perfect for expanding tummies (ie. maternity wear!) largely due to the fact that it features leggings with zips that you can open to make the waistline bigger!  I actually had no idea I was pregnant when I ordered these from LoveClothing last month, so it's weird how I picked them!  Maybe deep down my womanly instincts were trying to tell me something...  I bought these in a size XS and they are pretty loose on top, however that is a good thing given my situation!  And that's with the zips closed.  Another cool feature is that when you open the zippers it doesn't reveal anything, it's just another strip of fabric underneath.  They are warm and cosy so that's perfect for cold winter days like these and so comfortable to wear!

If you want to see my video on this outfit of the day, click here and to watch today's daily vlog you can do so right here!  I also want to say a huge thank you to everybody who reads my blog for all the supportive messages and comments on yesterday's post, I really appreciate it and wish I could hug every one of you :)  Thank you for your support & love, it means so much to me!

Stay Stylish!

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