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On Friday I uploaded a video that a few of you guys had requested on my childhood, where I grew up, my background etc. (you can watch the video here) and I had promised you guys some pictures which I didn't have handy at the time.  Well, here they are (finally)!  I could only come up with a measly number of three being that I don't live at my parents' house and that's where all the family albums are...this is just what I could source from my computer!  

I shall start chronologically as I did in my video -- I was born in Baltimore, Maryland (U.S.A.) and lived there till I was seven.  This is where I went to kindergarten and elementary school (for one year).  The picture above was taken one Christmas morning in our house in Baltimore...I'm not sure exactly how old I am but if I had to guess I'd say 4 years old?  

When I was 5 we moved to Florence, Italy for one year where I attended pre-school (l'asilo).  This photo was taken in the gardens of the villa where we stayed for the year, it was owned by the university my dad worked for.  I grew up bilingual as my dad was Italian and spoke the language at home, (my mom is Irish) and so going to school in Italy wasn't difficult or strange for me, in fact I adapted to it straight my Italian is a bit rusty from lack of practice but if I spend about two weeks in Italy it comes back quite quickly.

When I was 7, we moved from America to Ireland and I've lived there most of my life.  This picture was taken in my grandparents' house (I think I was about 8 in this photo), who also lived in Ireland...before moving here permanently we spent lots of summers both in Galway with my mom's family and also in Italy with my dad's.  I don't remember spending a lot of summers in the U.S. come to think of it!  So the move wasn't quite as scary as people might think, nor was the country alien to me and at a young age I adapted quickly to the new school, friends, lifestyle, etc. 

I hope this post gave you a bit more insight into my life and childhood!  Sorry it was quite short but it's late at night and I'm tired & ready for bed!  Hopefully you'll watch the video as I went into a lot more detail there :)

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