Cruelty-Free Feather Extensions!

Watch my video on how to apply these here!

I never thought the feather extension trend would be for me...until I saw these!  I got these from Picasso Hair Feathers, a 100% cruelty-free brand that sells a huge range of different colours and sets.  The set I'm wearing is the Au Naturel 12 piece one for $29.95 and I absolutely love it!  The colours are so natural and subtle that most people don't even realise I'm wearing them in my fact I've been asked a few times whether it's a tiny plait, ha ha!  You guys know that I've never been that adventurous with my hairstyle so needless to say the hot pinks, turquoise/blues & bright purples aren't for me (although I do think they look pretty on other people...I just don't think I'd be able to pull them off!).  So I think that this set is wonderful for people who want to play it safe but still have fun with the trend.

Obviously one of the main reasons I agreed to feature these on my blog is because they are cruelty free.  I actually wasn't aware that there was any animal cruelty involved when it came to feather awful is that?!  So I urge you all to do your research on this and if you are looking to buy some I definitely recommend Picasso!  They also ship internationally (for $8) and shipping to the US and Canada is free.  

These extensions last up to 6 weeks, they are super easy to apply (video tutorial on that here!) and very low-maintenance which you guys know I love.  You can wash your hair, brush it and style it like normal...just be careful not to use any heat over 180 degrees on your extensions.  I have gotten so many compliments on these since I put them in last week and now my sisters and some of their friends are wearing them too!  

Let me know what you think!  Are you a fan of cruelty-free feather extensions?  What colours would you wear in your hair? 

Stay Stylish!


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