My Week in Pictures #5!

Saturday -- Kaffee & Kuchen with my Oma! :)

Sunday -- at my mom's birthday dinner!

Jofus & Erika at my mom's dinner

What I ordered for dessert!  Ice-cream in a biscuit basket!  Yum!

Monday -- baked Key Lime Cupcakes for my mom!

Wednesday -- lunch in O'Brien's!  I had the sweet chilli tuna bagel!

A lot of foody posts this week...all super healthy of course, ha ha ha :)  This week was full of festivities being that it was my mom's birthday and my Oma was visiting.  Today is her last day :(  I am so sad for her to leave!!  

I hope you guys all had a great week and will have a wonderful weekend!  Jofus is heading to Kilkenny to play laser war games with his brother (don't ask) and I plan on spending time with my sisters & of course the puppies!  

Stay Stylish!

(Instagram username: @annasaccone)

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