OOTD: Leggings As Pants!

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Don't shoot me...but I'm totally wearing leggings as pants.  I know it's technically a no-no, but with the pregnancy and everything it's just soooo much comfier!  And until I get more maternity jeans I think that this is the way it's going to be :)  

This t-shirt is by Vero Moda (available for £17 here) and I got it in a size 6/8 but thankfully it still fits my bump as the material is super stretchy.  When it first arrived I wasn't sure about it as I hadn't realised there was a lace detailing in the blue stripes (I'm not a big lace fan...especially coloured lace) but I actually think it's very pretty & love how it fits!  It also comes down slightly longer so that it covers my, ahem...crotch area.  

I got these ballet flats (available for £12 here) in hopes that I would find my new "staples" that are comfortable yet cute and will go with a lot of my wardrobe.  It turns out I'm in luck, because they do happen to tick all the boxes!  I'm finding myself wearing more & more ballet pumps as the season gets a little warmer and my pregnancy progresses (comfort comes first!).  So I need to invest in some good ones!  These patent black ones are by Qube and I got them in a size 38 (UK 5).  They fit really well and aren't uncomfortable at all.  They have a fabric bow and trim around the inside so they don't hurt my heels or rub against my feet.

I wore this outfit to the beach today -- it was actually pretty mild and spring-like so we made the most of it!  The pups are currently being weaned onto solids which makes things so much easier as they aren't so dependent on Sina anymore!  We took Albi & Sina to the beach and they couldn't have been happier...it was a lovely treat for them and so cute to see them running together in the sand!

Stay Stylish!

*LoveClothing 10% discount code: annasacconemay12 valid till May 20th!


  1. Great outfit for a pregnant lady and you totally pull it off love the accessories too :-)


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