Week 23 Bump Update!

Quite a picture-heavy post today, as many of you requested I also take bump shots with my shirt on...so here ya go! 

Watch my 23 Week Pregnancy Vlog here

How far along? 23 weeks!  According to my baby book Emilia's the size of a papaya!
Total weight gain/measurements: Weighed in at 130lbs this week -- gained 2lbs since last week so I guess I caught up with myself from last week!  That's a total of 13lbs gained since pre-pregnancy.  Still on on track according to this! Also my measurements are still the same as last week, waist: 29" and tummy: 35".  
Maternity clothes: Still just wearing the H&M maternity pants, occasionally wearing Mothercare bump bands and my Motherhood Nursing Bras.  
Stretch marks? Still nothing!  I've heard this is when they start to develop though so am definitely being diligent with my skincare routine!  Using the same products as last week.
Sleep: Pretty awful...argh!!  It's so annoying...I don't know why I've become such an insomniac.  I downloaded the white noise app on my phone last night though and that helped a bit.
Best moment this week: Probably seeing my grandmother -- she is here to visit for my mom's birthday and she never comes this time of year.  I usually only see her around Christmas, so it was lovely for her to see my bump as well as all the puppies!  I love my Oma :)
Miss anything? Nope I love being pregnant!
Movement: Yes, lots of it :)  My favourite part of the pregnancy so far!  Yesterday I was actually super tired after another sleepless night so Jonathan let me sleep in and took all the puppies into his office...I slept until 11am BUT Emilia didn't seem to like that!  She is used to having our breakfast at 9am every morning, so about that time she started kicking me non-stop!  She never kicks in the morning so this was definitely new!  I slept in anyway but when I eventually had breakfast at 11 she stopped kicking.  Ha ha ha :)
Food cravings: Nope!  How boring...
Anything making you queasy or sick? Seafood -- prawns/squid/etc. etc.  Same as always.
Gender: Girl! 
Labour signs: Nope!
Symptoms: The hormonal acne was SO awful this week, it became really depressing at one point :(  It got out of control on Thursday and I was in a really bad mood because of that.  It's cleared up again now, thankfully but it does come back again all the time!  My boobs are still really itchy at certain times of the day and I'm doing my best not to scratch!!  I'm also happy to report that constipation was not an issue this week...phew!!  What a relief :)  I'm finding it more and more difficult to bend over and do stuff like put on shoes, socks, moisturise my feet, paint my toenails...that kind of thing!  I'm still nesting...at weird hours of the day, and I'm having vivid dreams as usual.  Oh yes and something really weird happened this week!  At one point it got really uncomfortable for me to eat, it felt like everything was just sitting on my chest and not going down properly...like Emilia was super high up and anything I ate would just sit there.  It wasn't nice at all and even though I didn't let it stop me from eating it made it a lot less enjoyable, lol!  Then at one point on Friday night she moved REALLY low because I felt her kicks near my bladder -- however that meant that the weird stuffed feeling was gone and I was able to eat normally again!  How strange! 
Belly button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy unless my skin is being horrible...then I'm moody!
Looking forward to: Still counting down the weeks till Sorrento!  I actually tried on my bikini this week to make sure it still fits, ha ha ha!  Though that was pretty stupid as I'm obviously going to grow a lot more in the next 4 weeks -- oh well ;)

Stay Stylish!

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  1. I love reading these updates, I'm about 3 weeks ahead of you so it's fun to hear what your going through. I wish I has taken photos of my stomach every week, I was just a bit scared to incase somethig happened. Congratulations on your girl, we are havig a little boy in August- Its so exciting isn't it! Wishing you all the best, look forward to the weekly updates and hope your managing to sleep- I was struggling for ages.

    Vicki xxx


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