Puppies' First Beach Day!

Today we decided to take on the crazy task of bringing ALL the dogs to the beach!  It was technically our first time walking them properly on individual leads and holy moly, was it hard.  We got four new Flexi leads (same as Albi & Sina's), two purple, one pink and one blue.  Sina's is also pink and Albi's is a fancy black & white skull and crossbones one...wouldn't you know he's the first child, ha ha ha!  

At one point I found myself completely entangled in lots of different coloured leads, totally unable to move my legs OR bend over due to the massive bump and I actually thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown!!  But we figured it out in the end (Splitters are the way to go!  Two puppies to a lead!) and after lots of trial and error we did finally manage to give them a pretty epic walkies ;)  Nuvola even dug a hole...and Albi helped her, it was ridiculously cute!  

These were the pictures Jofus took, as you can see I'm dressed in typical Irish summer attire - a wool cardigan.  Lol.  

Hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday! :)

Stay Stylish!


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