Week 33 Bump Update!

How far along?  33 weeks!
Total weight gain/measurements: 18lbs.  Waist - 33", Tummy - 39".  Wow.  I grew an inch and a half all round since last week!!
Maternity clothes: This fabulous sweatshirt!  Isn't it cool?!  I love it :)  It comes from a lovely family that watches our vlogs in Tennessee!  Thank you so much!
Stretch marks: Still none to report.  Using Palmer's Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks. 
Sleep: Much better.  Still hard to get comfortable with the belly being so big now but it's not too bad.
Best moment this week: Definitely our Cork meet-up!  It was amazing!
Miss anything? Being able to put socks on...lol!  Oh and I officially cannot see my "lady parts" anymore, ha ha ha! 
Movement: TONS!
Food cravings: Fruit.  If you can even call it a craving.  I just call it normal! 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Really not loving coffee anymore :( 
Gender:  Girl!
Labour signs: Nope!
Symptoms: This week marked the first time I'd ever experienced any kind of back-ache.  I am so grateful that it's only happening now though...I know so many women suffer with this!  It's only sometimes throughout the day especially if I'm sitting in the car for a longer period of time.  Heartburn has been the same as last week and so has fatigue.  I think I'm just used to feeling tired now!
Belly button in or out? It looks like it's going to pop!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Seeing more of you at our Dublin meet-up next Saturday :) 

Stay Stylish!


  1. Anna you look absolutely fabulous & your belly is adorable. Saw that Jofus made you new banners on your daily vlogs & I love it! Thank you so much for all that you share with us, it is so helpful & fun. I'm very excited for you & Jofus about Emilia :).

  2. I wouldn't know myself, but my cousin said that if you go swimming it helps with the back ache!

  3. I know this isn't where to respond to a video, but I don't have a YouTube account so I will go ahead and leave it here. I just wanted to say something about your SO MUCH HATE video.
    You and Jonathan are so brave to share your lives with us and I really can't express to you how much I appreciate it. Your life is so beautiful, such a loving and silly husband and so much loveliness in your puppies and Albi and Sina and the little blessing Emilia on the way. Ireland may have dreary weather but its so beautiful there, I've always admired it because it has the old buildings and actual real living not fake or bred to look a certain way plants and trees and grass. Where I live, the grass is all the same length and its looks like pure green plastic, the trees are small and thin and shaped and trimed until there's no life left in them, and all the buildings are shiny and colorless and new. Ireland, or at least what you two have shown me, is so much more. I love how everything is made of bricks. And you two eat REAL food. Everything here is so processed and drained and fake. You can't find vegetables that aren't waxed, fruit that isn't dyed, bread thats real and not made of cheap imitation powders, or meat that is high on chemicals from hormones shoved down animals throats. Okay, this is a silly off point subject.
    You and your husband have reached me from across an ocean in a completely different country. I never would have known of you guys or known that there was hope to find a partner in life who would be there to support and love and trust you, a life where you could do the simple things like play with your puppies, be pregnant and safe and healthy with good real food and walks everyday. A life that wasn't a script on the television. I look at your husband who talked in the so much hate video about being bullied and having no friends, about being locked in his room by himself so depressed, and having a broken family... I see myself and I see my life, and then I see that he has you and he has a life where you both do something you love and that you are both genuinely happy and I realize that I have a chance at that now that I know it exists. Whenever my own life starts to beat on me I know I can have my daily Saccone-Joly dose to remind me that I'm still young and there's so much potential around me.
    I am so sorry for the hate people have shown you for being real and for sharing your life honestly. I wish people could spend their time better and not waste their lives trying so hard to bring two beautiful people down or prove some misguided point, but that's just how it is, and I'm so thankful you and Jofus are strong enough to take it.
    I can only hope that one day I have half the life you two have, and that your child will have. I pray for you all to continue to be so blessed and that you never loose or weaken in your love for eachother and your passion for your videos and I am so excited for your life, your husbands life, and of course for the baby so many people already adore- Emilia's life. <3



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